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Satanic Truth
Boiling It Down To The Bone!
By Grand Magister Blackwood

Changes for The Temples of Satan.

Four days after a recent successful ritual, I have been pondering this thought about Satan, and have decided it needed to be shared, spread like the seeds of the milkweed plant.
A clear vision came to me Satan has grown extremely tired of the falsehoods surrounding his kingdom, the inane ramblings of plagiarists and garbage of groups designed to practice Satanism On-line.
As always his true message can only be delivered to the masses Off-line.
Much can and will be shared via the caves and crevices of the net, however this information will never provide a clear picture of his reality and his strength in leadership and dominion over Earth.
Satan’s true messages are shared one-on-one amongst those dedicated to him, as they were long before the Internet became popular.
The Temples of Satan blogs are well read and continue to bring interested parties forward, however many people find themselves interested and coming to meet both On and Off-line, this will continue to be encouraged and cultivated for the benefit of Satan.
The blogs are going to be providing information and insights but will be devoid of Satanic Verses and or Satanic Doctrine, I will continue exposing those who provide misdirection and inane teaching designed to collect membership dues and fees instead of sharing the Word of Satan.
I have released some basic doctrines however it still is not complete according the actual teachings available, from The Temples of Satan.
I continue to provide messages here and provide insights however many who know me Off-line enjoy the company of this Adept and my clear messages of Satanism from the Theistic Viewpoint.
The truth is Off-line with The Temples of Satan and can be provided in various media and methods but no longer On-line.
Theistic Satanism is thriving and with such growth comes pains and these growing pains are now coming more frequently as shallow minded people come to grips with the fact that Satan is real.
However as always I warn that people are being taken, and misguided down this positive path, towards a detrimental and negative set of false teachings.
Satan desires purity!
I will serve this warning to those groups in Theistic Satanism, that if you benefit from Satan’s People, and refuse to serve benefits in return to your membership, I and the Temples of Satan Membership will expose you and your organization for its missteps, lies and miscues, all in servitude and dedication to Satan.
Those who are stuck in the Internet Zone will never destroy or thwart this effort, since it is driven forward in Satan’s name.
I founded this organization in 2000 with the help of others some, gone, some still with me but yet we remain one of the most “outspoken” groups On and Off-line, because instead of being lead by a mystic, a messiah, or even a “Universal Life Church Zero Effort Priest or Priestess” we are not lead we are simply represented by myself and several others both On and Off-line in the Satanic Realm.
The efforts of The Temples of Satan continue and as we rebuild the empire for Satan, we still refuse to charge membership fees, instead choose to donate to vital causes for Satan, not the pockets of “Get Rich Quick Satanic Leadership.”
Some “ignorant critics” clamor “Reverse Christianity” to this “I simply respond” show me the success of any Satanic Group, not fluffed up member totals On-line or bulging E-Groups but real bodies of those seeking truth, I have many I have met and continue to meet Off-line, so just shut up and try that elsewhere, this Satanic Organization is not for your critical behaviorism or nature.
The many Churches of Satan are comprised and over-flowing with anxious membership that desire truth and this truth sometimes involves understanding Satan.
This understanding could never come via the Internet via some Group or Chat-Room.
Reading thousands of books and typing away in Chat-Rooms plays a message to Real Satanists that you are merely a Avatar, not a Satanist that has the ability to converse, meet, and share.
I do and will continue to meet those interested Off-line, along with having conversations briefly here and there On-line, but from today I will “boiling it down to the bone.”
I will continue to Blog, and Post , but interactions between myself and others who are just wasting time in Theistic Satanism are no longer welcomed, it is well known through-out history that it is inappropriate to exchange much of the Word of Satan to everyday commoners.
Satan has not only expressed this to me, but others throughout history.
Information should be exchanged in briefs and quick reads, however actual knowledge is not hidden in some proverbial “Pirate Chest” filled with secret arcane writings copied from adepts of the past, waiting for some “hapless leadership” to unveil over some On-line Library or in some Chat-Room “lost in the space” of the Internet, it can only be shared as it was in history person to person or via private forums not traded for bloated membership fees to buy beer for the “So-called leadership.”
I find devotion through this exchange of knowledge but I along with others in The Temples of Satan who are free from “Universal Life Church Bought” titles now do such privately in groups that are free from typical public scrutiny.
Our future prescience will be aligned toward Off-line progress and exchange privately and exposure of our materials and teachings, and should you desire secret texts documents and advanced learning, I regret “take it elsewhere.”
Our E-Group which grows daily which incidentally grows daily, will continue to remain as a portal and exchange, however will be devoid of secret doctrines and teachings copy and pasted elsewhere on the Net.
No libraries, no text links and as far as affiliates, you of course can make the choice.
Satan is not hiding waiting behind the cover of a book, behind a E-group he is available just look around, listen, and open your mouth, not your purse or wallet.
Distrust those who desire to prosper because of Satan, he doesn’t expect you to be broke, E-Commerce is great but to exchange his information in public is harmful to his essence, so be very careful, and head this warning it isn’t made up by me it has been revealed for centuries by adepts.
Soon the ability to become ordained debuts from The Temples of Satan and rest assured this could come at no better of a time as Satan begins his return to dominance.
Changes at years end will come from privatizing our Internet Information and releasing just enough to bring aboard new membership, however this membership will only exchange ideologies and knowledge as the ancients one-on-one, or in private forums.
I don’t have closets full of fake and made up doctrines, Black Books,Demon Bibles, and Secret Doctrines, Dark Forces and all the “frills and chills” of a Circus Sideshow, I have got truth I can share but no longer in the typical forums.
Did someone resurrect La Vey? “Quick bury him.”
A great adept once wrote:
O ye that have believed in me, honor my symbol and my image, for they remind you
of me. Observe my laws and statutes. Obey my servants and listen to whatever they
may dictate to you of the hidden things. Receive that that is dictated, and do not
carry it before those who are without, Jews, Christians, Moslems, and others; for
they know not the nature of my teaching. Do not give them your books, lest they
alter them without your knowledge. Learn by heart!
To a great adept so was written!
Excellence In Satanism
The Temples of Satan

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  1. I am a satanist. I also love Eve (Jennie Eve Garth). I miss her a lot.

  2. kelsey says:

    im satanist so are my friends and family…theres one satanic church were i live 5 caves…i love it

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