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Temples of Satan Blasts Church of Satan

Grand Magister Blackwood The Leader of Theistic Satanism Blasts The Church of Satan For Recent Commentary! April 17th 2009 Temples of Satan Recent comments by Ygraine a Church of Satan spokesperson has infuriated Grand Magister Blackwood and his Temples of Satan Clergy. In her explicit commentary she rants: The Satanic Bible Presents the Only Legitimate Satanic Religion. The Satanic Bible to Novice Satanists is considered a viable source, however to the more knowledgeable and educated person its represents nothing more than another H. P. Lovecraft type novel. The Enochian Calls and mishmash prayer’s to a deity he didn’t even recognize makes his works in vain. While many groups and organizations today claim to be “Satanic”, only the philosophy practiced by the members of the Church of Satan and those who adhere to The Satanic Bible can rightfully be called Satanists. Once again to think the accomplishments of Allee, Aquino, Vera, or Blackwood mean nothing is simply arrogant and shows us the example of how The Church of Satan pretends to be elite and offers up little other than the rants of a long dead “Carnival Showman” and his inheritors who can barely muster a Satanic Ideology. All others are merely variations of Christian Heretics and devil worshipers. Given the recent upsurge in alleged ritual abuse, now more than ever, it is essential that only one definition of Satanism be accepted. The variations make it a variable religion as a whole, and to claim it as your own shows plain ignorance and poor thought, the true inheritors to our religion are those who run the other organizations throughout the world, not only from a desktop but from a room, and from an office. It is the Temples of Satan position to declare the Church of Satan as Pseudo Satanist’s and allows them to hold such an honor. Perhaps they can claim the title Modern Satanism, however not the title Satanism or Satanic it is a word owned by no one. The New Leader of Theistic Satanism Grand Magister Blackwood continues to forward Satanism along with Diane Vera, and others and offers a look into Satanism that The Church of Satan could never comprehend. So this day The Temples of Satan and Church of Theistic Satanism, along with The Reformed Church of Satan and The Church of Satanism have declare they no longer recognize the Church of Satan as viable Church and deem them Pseudo Satanic, under correct verbiage of such a term. Thanks and Hail Satan! Grand Magister Blackwood Magister Alexander Magistra C. Woods


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3 Responses

  1. You can imagine my shock reading your post and agreeing with bits of it—only to discover that due to your lack of familiarity with quotation marks I was reading my own writing!
    When you work that little grammatical issue up–and for others–if it makes sense I wrote it, if it doesn’t credit ol’ Blackwood, here, accept the following:
    The Church of Satan is arrogant and elitist.
    Magistra Ygraine of the Church of Satan is currently writing a lot about one definition of Satanism that excludes The temples of Satan and Satanism as per Blackwood. Obviously, therefore, Blackwood, et al, disagree. In fact, all non-CoS “Satanists” disagree with her position.
    None of this is new, however.

    There? Okay, Tom?


  2. The Church of Satan has no right to declare itself as the only legitimate Satanism. The works of LaVey are not even Satanism, the term Satanism is defined as such “Satan” the deity “ism”= when in a religious title “ism” means “worship of”, meaning Satanism= Worship of Satan. Not “we don’t worship Satan as a god, we only veiw him as an enegetic force.

    Anton LaVey’s works are none other than the works of a cult, not a church. The Peoples Temple and other cults started the same way, church leaders re-writing the beliefs of a religion for their own personal gain and brainwashing their followers to think their beliefs are the only real beliefs.

    I think LaVeyan Satanism needs a kick in the crotch and be labled as “Indivisualism”, their church should be changed to “The Church of Individualism” and the bible needs to be changed to “The Bible of Individualism”.

    True Satanists are those who wake up every day and dedicate their work to a higher cause, true Satanists write their own works, not find pre-written garbage because it’s labled with the title of a bible, they write grimoires with their works and personal notes.

    It is true that every Satanist is unique, but no Satanist has the right to re-write the belief system of a religion that has been around for thousands of years.

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