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Brotherhood of Satan Exposed


Purge the Idiots! Brotherhood of Satan

By Temples of Satan Founder Grand Magister Blackwood.


For several years now I have heard the mysterious message provided by The Brotherhood of Satan, and this message has been spewed over and over again, and personally The Temples of Satan a 501-3 C and First Legal Theistic Satanic Church and it’s members are tired of this “cult” that continues to spew the following lies in order to form unity through a false message.


  1. Before the Church of Satan there were only loose based covens, and such covens were not affiliated with The Brotherhood of Satan, after research and interviews with Occult practitioners from the sixties, they explain that no Brotherhood of Satan was in business.

  2. A Hollywood Movie entitled Brotherhood of Satan was a “B Movie” which I suspect the organizations name was taken from.

  3. The loose group of clergy offers up names like Dungeons and Dragon ©characters, hiding behind names that seem almost like a Dungeons and Dragon© dice game “live.”

  4. Spokes person’s are belligerent and condescending and offer nothing but “false hopes” and “false doctrines” that they feel are proprietary and offer up the “secret doctrines” they claim are pulled from claims of ancient secrets while no documents exist in reality.

    Former Temples of Satan Magister Froton resigned under violations of Temples of Satan policies and procedure and was under investigation by Magister Alexander for Sexual Harassment of membership he now has taken up a “cozy” position in the Brotherhood of Satan.

  5. The Brotherhood of Satan Ordainments are Universal Life Church Based and offer no form of Legal Ordainment which is questionable at best.


Adding up all the miscue and the facts point toward this organization being nothing more than another Satanic Cult and they should be watched and eventually purged from Theistic Satanism.


It is the Temples of Satan position to seek unity with organizations that are engaged in proper practice and traditions to Satan (acceptable name). And due to the events and construct of The Brotherhood of Satan we deem this organization a Satanic Cult and have provided authorities information regarding such in Georgia.


Unity cannot happen until Theistic Satanism purges itself of the miscreants and zealots that damage our sacred religion and until we remain vigilant and expose such for what they truly are “Cult’s” and bilking our brothers and sister’s of hard earned money by speaking of secret text’s is a method we refuse to perform.


Our doctrines are held confidential however in the past some of the many have been leaked as sampling and offerings to offer up transparency and bring new membership aboard, our ranks continue to grow off-line as well as on-line and this is due in part to changes enacted by Magister Alexander and Magistra Fenwick who both have taken up sword along with myself and have began to attack and expose the folly of Satanic Cults.


Thanks “Purity and Excellence in Satanism.”

Grand Magister Blackwood

Temples of Satan Founder  

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Brotherhood of Satan Cult of Secrets Satanism Exposed

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Satanism Net Style! Revisited!

Commentary by Grand Magister Blackwood


I have been involved in Satanism since I was seventeen, I started late of course and with such a late start I had to ramp up what I knew and I how it fit into my life, I say eighteen but probably more like thirteen was reality but as any of the masses learning required many hours of study.


I however ask those who claim pieces of Satanism, what base do you have? And how deep have you ventured into the vault of knowledge?


Have you channeled Satan successfully or just laid claim to base of membership on the Internet?


There are thousands who seek information related to Satanism,are you willing to invest in them?


Have you established more than a base for ego, or have you established a commercial enterprise?


Your membership are they truly grasping the ideologies of Satan or are they part of the 99% of those who “outgrow” Satanism.


Satan requires nothing other than devotion and understanding, his magic is more than powerful its enlightening and requires no membership fees however requires one to practice amongst the others of like minds.


Satan doesn’t pretend, and nor should you when you venture into Satanism, you need to do much more that establish a website, a portal, or a chat room to honor him.


The Temples of Satan is off line and remains on line for membership purposes, its members are communicating, and practicing Satanism, along with rituals and prayers all the while devoted to Satan.

I ask those who dare to practice Satanism to please understand a few things Satan, and nor is Satanism:


  1. Satan is not Lucifer.

  2. Satan could care less if you succeed.

  3. Satan doesn’t require membership fees or dues.

  4. Satan doesn’t provide magic to those who are not devoted.

  5. Satan will not touch those who are practicing with unqualified Priests and Ministers.

  6. Ordained is not bought.

  7. Satan hates the Internet and requires off line practicing of rituals and or incantations.

  8. Real Satanism dishonors Modern Satanism and can easily destroy those involved.

  9. Satan can find you anywhere on his planet, so can his Real Priests.

  10. Death is dealt easily and without remorse by those in Real Satanism.


I offer this up to those interested a bond we can establish to exchange amongst each other to benefit Satanism, a coalition to form a purging of those who deserve the door.


I often say a required blood letting here or there is fine, and with 99% of Satanism fake, separating those like the Temples of Satan into the 1% must be very hard for most seeking Satan, so those who grasp the deity Satan must strike down those infidels.


Use of the Internet tp provide information is important however to mislead is harmful and not desired by Satan or those who follow his path, Satan has plans for those engaged in negative behavior, and misleading actions.


Many leaders have written of the terrible nature of Satanism throughout the net, all I can close with is that there is a major malfunction and we must fight everyday to end Modern Satanism, and destroy what the plagiarist and carnival freak known as La Vey created for the greatness of The Lord and Master Satan.


There are numerous groups and covens that are preaching and conversing about all kinds of secret and even “super secret” ideologies that they possess, nothing could be further from the truth itself.


Seeking a real Satanic organization, then consider the Temples of Satan


War is coming to Modern and Internet Satanism!

The Internet Purge Mission.


Grand Magister Blackwood

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Members Expose Cult Brotherhood of Satan


Exposing the Brotherhood of Satan

Hollywood Spawned This Group!


Exposing Satanism by Grand Magister Blackwood

Temples of Satan



The Temples of Satan has been involved in Theistic Satanism since 2000, however the composition of our teachers and membership show the true levels of our experience, so we offer up other groups we find almost “cultist” to the proverbial flame of Satanism.

    No roasted shrimp in the Brotherhood of Satan, just lot’s of smelly rotten fish that we will offer up to the barbeque’s today.


  1. We find it reprehensible for the Brotherhood of Satan to make statement’s based in lies and conjecture:

The Brotherhood States:

    Satan is the reorganization project of the Brotherhood Illuminati Council and is the vehicle created by us to manifest this Satanic reality: “The total restoration of the throne of SATAN on Earth and the Unification of Satan’s true family.

    Commentary Magister Alexander Temples of Satan Magister:

    The obvious claims to some Satanic Unity is something this religion could use, however not based in cult groups wishes for some Satanic Community, these wishes should spawn from Legal Church to Satan like the Temples of Satan.

    Commentary Grand Magister Blackwood:

    I have seen many people claim, this and that about origins and dates, however this group has designed itself scam those seeking truth in Satanism but giving off a fog that they predate Anton L a Vey.”

    It is not doubted that groups were in business before La Vey however the Temples of Satan could claim the title of the oldest known Satanic Group with origins from 1800’s France, however we do not chose to use a well planned marketing lie to glean membership.”

The Brotherhood Continues:

We demand respect from all others, ourselves, other Brotherhood members, and the Satanic Illuminati Council which oversees the activities of the Black Brotherhood as it always has since the beginning of time.

Commentary by Magistra Sara Delphos:

The Brotherhood of Satan has never been about respect, they have attacked almost everyone at some point and by recruiting our former removed Magister it is not the policy of The Temples of Satan to respect the disrespectful and the attacks continue, as the leaders of the Brotherhood of Satan watch.”

Commentary by Former Member Rick:

The Brotherhood of Satan as many organization’s was designed to feed off the bottom of Satanism and recruit people for numbers not quality, they give no respect so get no respect.”

Commentary from Former Member Wendy:

The Brotherhood claimed I hacked into files and caused havoc, strange I have no hacking skills and after I asked to speak with the founders I was removed all in all loosing my membership fee to s cult that has no respect.”

Commentary from Grand Magister Blackwood;

I have had an encounter with the Brotherhood of Satan Founder and when I asked to speak to him he just acted above me and aloof, and then recently the same person sent me an invite to a gathering meanwhile disrespecting me in the first line as well as the body of the invite.”

Please as a beginning Satanist or Wise Adept consider this group as the Temples of Satan does:

A cult and as always “stay away from the Real Satanists.”

Commentary from Magister Alexander Temples of Satan Magister

As your journey begins or continues stay off the paths that lead to the organizations in Satanism designed to take your money, Church of Satan, Brotherhood of Satan, all share the same parts!


Purity and Excellence in Satanism

Temples of Satan

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