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Members Expose Cult Brotherhood of Satan


Exposing the Brotherhood of Satan

Hollywood Spawned This Group!


Exposing Satanism by Grand Magister Blackwood

Temples of Satan



The Temples of Satan has been involved in Theistic Satanism since 2000, however the composition of our teachers and membership show the true levels of our experience, so we offer up other groups we find almost “cultist” to the proverbial flame of Satanism.

    No roasted shrimp in the Brotherhood of Satan, just lot’s of smelly rotten fish that we will offer up to the barbeque’s today.


  1. We find it reprehensible for the Brotherhood of Satan to make statement’s based in lies and conjecture:

The Brotherhood States:

    Satan is the reorganization project of the Brotherhood Illuminati Council and is the vehicle created by us to manifest this Satanic reality: “The total restoration of the throne of SATAN on Earth and the Unification of Satan’s true family.

    Commentary Magister Alexander Temples of Satan Magister:

    The obvious claims to some Satanic Unity is something this religion could use, however not based in cult groups wishes for some Satanic Community, these wishes should spawn from Legal Church to Satan like the Temples of Satan.

    Commentary Grand Magister Blackwood:

    I have seen many people claim, this and that about origins and dates, however this group has designed itself scam those seeking truth in Satanism but giving off a fog that they predate Anton L a Vey.”

    It is not doubted that groups were in business before La Vey however the Temples of Satan could claim the title of the oldest known Satanic Group with origins from 1800’s France, however we do not chose to use a well planned marketing lie to glean membership.”

The Brotherhood Continues:

We demand respect from all others, ourselves, other Brotherhood members, and the Satanic Illuminati Council which oversees the activities of the Black Brotherhood as it always has since the beginning of time.

Commentary by Magistra Sara Delphos:

The Brotherhood of Satan has never been about respect, they have attacked almost everyone at some point and by recruiting our former removed Magister it is not the policy of The Temples of Satan to respect the disrespectful and the attacks continue, as the leaders of the Brotherhood of Satan watch.”

Commentary by Former Member Rick:

The Brotherhood of Satan as many organization’s was designed to feed off the bottom of Satanism and recruit people for numbers not quality, they give no respect so get no respect.”

Commentary from Former Member Wendy:

The Brotherhood claimed I hacked into files and caused havoc, strange I have no hacking skills and after I asked to speak with the founders I was removed all in all loosing my membership fee to s cult that has no respect.”

Commentary from Grand Magister Blackwood;

I have had an encounter with the Brotherhood of Satan Founder and when I asked to speak to him he just acted above me and aloof, and then recently the same person sent me an invite to a gathering meanwhile disrespecting me in the first line as well as the body of the invite.”

Please as a beginning Satanist or Wise Adept consider this group as the Temples of Satan does:

A cult and as always “stay away from the Real Satanists.”

Commentary from Magister Alexander Temples of Satan Magister

As your journey begins or continues stay off the paths that lead to the organizations in Satanism designed to take your money, Church of Satan, Brotherhood of Satan, all share the same parts!


Purity and Excellence in Satanism

Temples of Satan

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