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Obama has Satanic Friends

Obama Satanic Force?
Satanism Exposed by Temples of Satan Founder
Grand Magister Blackwood

Blackwood Comment:
Does Obama have Satanic Allies?
I stumbled ac crossed the U.S.F. On a recent web visit and decided I need to comment about this Liberal Group.

Welcome to the United Satanist Front (USF). Our mission is to help alert Satanist’s and all concerned individuals in the United States of Evangelist related laws being passed by our decision makers and a means to take counter-action through a unified effort.

Blackwood Comments: Unification cannot occur with this group due to it taking a very political viewpoint in direct opposition with many in Satanism, who are Conservative or Republican, the Temples of Satan does not support President Obama and or Congress in it’s current march towards Socialism, however as a Church we are separated from government due to legalities of the Non Profit Laws.

Congratulations Democrat Party! Now bring government back to “We the People.”
The growth of current Government should be an alarm for most in Satanism, as government rises they design programs to take from us our rights to Freedom of Speech, due in part to many liberals being Atheist’s!

The Democratic Party is not Satanism, and Conservatives can be both Democratic and Republican, many a Satanist is also independent and to feed into a certain party and side with the unintelligent Barry Obama is proof this group lacks strong values to form any kind of alliance it’s a group with a “political message” and nothing more!

The Group continues:
Are U.S. politicians totally to blame for their present direction…their corruption?
NO! Part of the responsibility has to rest on the shoulders of the citizens that don’t have the presence of mind to afford time and get somewhat involved on important issues. DON’T EVEN WHINE!

If one were to believe Satanism as a process by which higher forms of individuals are progressed…nurtured and maintained through their path then it should follow that these “higher types” become active and utilize what has been obtained through their philosophy/religion.

Knowledge without action is basically useless. Talk minus action equals nothing. Not being involved…not being informed…not taking action is not being Satanic…merely lazy and hypocritical.

Satanists are motivated individuals and we at the USF alert people of likeness to things that have proven to be merely self serving and ineffective concerning the general citizenship of this country.

Just in case you are clueless. Satanists are FIGHTERS not lambs! And now we walk upon the upper-world…

Blackwood Comments:
Bold words, and calls to action do not motivate Liberalism, it is a cause for all to be concerned as Obama erodes capitalism and causes out children harm by raising deficits that threaten huge tax increases and give the “zero liability voters” extra money, and programs in the name of re-election, not results or economic benefit.

However Satanism and Politicians don’t mix well, when they do it will be the day we have Satanic Congressman or Congresswoman.

Grand Magister Blackwood

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