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Sinagouge of Satan The CULTMASTER’S CRY

The Sinagouge of Satan Can’t Stop Crying Dedicated to the “Cry Baby’s” of Satanism The Cult: Sinagouge of Satan The first pseudo intellectual and glib question came in from a Sinagouge Priest: I am just curious where you got that from.I can’t find anything in the Satanic bible that states this or any other Satanic liturature.In fact the only place this outright falsehood against Satan is perpetrated is in the Judeo- Christian holy bible. Answer: The Temples of Satan doesn’t use the Satanic Bible and has issue numeorus statements stating that the book called The Satanic Bible is irrelevant to Theistic Satanim. Try again! I challenge you to produce something credible in the way of Satanic doctrine that backs up your words!If you cannot do this then I say you have lost what little credibility you might have had in the Satanic community. I also hereby charge you with treason against Satan and all Satanist. Sincerely Reverend Jerold Schaub Priest for the Sinagogue of Satan The ramble continued with this final commentary which again shows the continuity and knowledge of the Priesthood of The Sinagouge of Satan. I have answered this many times I cannot continue to stop during my processes to re-state positions, however I do appreciate questions, the evidence is available to anyone by simply reading the appropriate works of literature, not trying to take what I wrote and dissect it, for there is no arguing for those who are studious, many people have found the same information. And as far as calling me out, who are you? Part of a cult is not Satanism, and the Sinagouge of Satan is certainly another cult. Thanks Grand Magister Blackwood

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