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Blackwood Ideology and Myatt and The Order Nine Angles

Grand Magister Blackwood Speaks:
As I close certain arguments about Satanism, I realize we are all innately different, so I have decided
to break a few things behind the Temples of Satan Ideology down for the general public.
Some people who have the pleasure of meeting me and discussing their glimpses and ideologies
regarding Satanism, have most certainly found my version very palatable and understandable.
While many of us are on different quests down the “Proverbial Path”, we are going in different
directions, that hinders growth and requires some semblance of order.
Myatt and his “Band of Order of Nine Angle’s” sheep must be silenced, so youth do not come to
Satanism and seek the ways of Islam and Satanism co-mingled. The Order of Nine Angles, as most
noted Satanic Leaders agree, has recently seen an up-surge in interest, while the founder has lost
interest making them weak at the very best.
There once was a man who sold books that everyone had to have in their collection, Crowley, but after
reading his works they appear to mix many religions together.
The Order of Nine Angles is also like that with spokespersons like Micheal Ford and others, beating a
“Dead Horse” that is obsessed with attacking my organization. Yet the associates are the only ones
involved and we know from the very words of David Myatt, that he exclaimed on numerous occasions
that only he can and will speak for the Order of Nine Angles. Yet his people refuse to follow his wishes,
even making up falsehoods of his return to Satanism.
Most of us who have been around for awhile know while Myatt is submerged in Islam, and sworn his
life to that religion, his return will never be relevant and without conflict. You do not leave Islam
unscathed, especially when you delve deep in the religion, penalties can even include death.
However I am aware with threats to harm Western Society from Myatt, that we need to root out and
expose people who are tied in with this terrorist. Myatt on numerous occasions has threatened the lives
of people who Fight for Freedom, and we cannot let such elements regain a foothold within Satanism.
The Order of Nine Angles will not gain Myatt back, and will not move forward despite efforts of
numerous people who have subscribed to this ideology. That is like a Circus with aliens, traveling
through space, bizarre symbols and regalia that is filled with Islam comparatives, having nothing to do
with Satanism at all.
But back to finality and where we are going today-
I get a few questions throw at me time and time again and I will answer them tonight along with a few
other important things that need to be exposed.
So you ask, in twenty plus years, what have I personally accomplished?
I have found my faith and helped hundreds of others find theirs. Faith is not a Christian term, neither
are many terms that Satanism toss around as bad as they claim.
I established many groups allowing information exchange amongst one another in Satanism. Where I
have failed, is at times not revealing everything to the world as we know it. This is because each
individual requires almost a form of consulting, on which direction he or she is winding down the path.
Some groups have worked, others have not. There is a reason for much of this as well. I built off-line
contacts and ignored some of my on-line contacts, where as others worked solely on-line. I was weak
in this area. I have made many changes over the years, including a sort of, “musical chairs” amongst
board members, and clergy, all trying to place emphasis on Purity and Excellence in Satanism.
Something we all could most certainly use.
While I have not always told people everything, and lead a sordid path as many of us have, involved
in everything from drugs, to prostitution, I have traveled towards my discovery. The personal path
changes I have made, have never took me away from my deities army as a soldier.
I have had the resources and financing to travel along with my current business, (an expedite
business) Which is prospering from the guidance of my faith, and devotion to Satan. Even ‘Satan’ being
a man made name derivative, many of us who are truly adept, know his true name.
I look forward to better days ahead, as new blood comes to my organization, and my appearances in
media become more prevalent, I can educate people not on some “messiah like” doctrine, or with
designs that attract anarchist’s or those exploring mysticism, but Truth, and Purity and Excellence.
As American youths migrate from traditional Christianity and move towards Vampires and darkness,
we find ourselves at the very doorstep in Satanism of growth. However, we remain stifled by ‘messiahs’
and those who wish to mislead people, reformulating LaVey or Crowley and repackaging old diatribe
as new, and changing it’s essence to what appeals to youth. Yet it explains nothing about our very roots.
See, I have always advocated individual study and a gathering of vast vessels of knowledge,
Encouraging the reader to beware of the detrimental doctrines of misguided messiahs like Myatt, that
permeate Satanism and destroy its very value system. Leaving a series of spokespersons to speak not
for his original ideologies, but to sell and brainwash those who have entered afresh, into the religion of
Back to what I conceive or wish to convey, to all the critics and zealots that have spent years trying to
take me down with countless failures. I see Satanism as a individual, and spiritual journey, that requires
one to place faith in the deity, and not listen to a rung of messiahs who speak for Satan.
While I have encountered and spoke with our deity as many have before me, and many more will,
today we know that his vision for Earth is not one of darkness and destruction, but one of personal and
spiritual growth. First for the benefit of the faithful, then the benefit of the deity.
We do not serve our deity as the messiahs that pretend to explain him, we simply act as soldiers in a
vast army. We require as training personal growth, and understanding not only of magic, but his roots
as well. We being simply soldiers to him, perhaps do not know our perfect path. We are allowed the
freedom to explore, so we can better serve, not as slaves, but as soldiers for his eventual return.
I believe we do not need magic in order to perform magic. Most of us develop certain innate powers,
that enable us to perform at a level far above those who fail to recognize the deity, and have decided to
worship themselves or some space aliens from a no where.
Magic could be anything we are able to do that is powerful, love even can be magical. While many
toil over component lists and requirements to perform spells or incantations, I do not. I operate in a
realm most magician will never understand. I have faith, that allows me to discover and develop my
powers daily as many of you do, but the strength emanates from faith in the deity.
While the deity doesn’t always give us badges or powers as the skeptics will scream, he does give us a
reason to believe. With such a path to follow, what one does with it is on them. If one seeks the deity,
the deity will unveil himself to them and not hand them a set of scrolls, or books, or ideologies written
in the hand of man, but in his words. Coming to those most in-tune, quite often.
So, are you confused yet?
Spirituality is personal and not to be reigned over by any one man. As I consider myself a leader,
everyday new leaders discover the deity and move forward, seeking to become the leaders of
tomorrow. As Aquino, Allee, and I find ourselves growing older, we find ourselves not closed minded
to changes. We are cautious, because as we complain and explain we remember we once found
ourselves amongst people we disagreed with, and as they passed the torch to us, we pass it unto you,
the next people to move Satanism forward.
While I desire no book until I retire, I find myself attacked by the youth who fake books. All in an
attempt to discredit me and my organization. However perhaps its payback since once I did the same,
and challenged the adepts. I still do but not for them being fat or skinny, but for what they attempted to
become messiah’s over.
Satanism is interwoven with many types of people, and yet we lack basic fundamentals. For anyone to
think it has ever been different, is a lie. I can tell you even with some success myself, and many others,
we still need work.
I have dedicated my life to the deity and I have never designed anything within it to mislead. I have
reached out for power in my youth but now in my older days I seek understanding of the roots and
convey this. I am very misunderstood for such, but I leave the work of changing the religion to the
youth. Be aware, as I serve my deity, I serve with a sword so tempered with wisdom and faith, that
when the enemy is slain with it they cannot ever return.
People remain silent but not me, I speak out often and yet all I get from some people is rhetoric and
hatred. People call me thanking me for the awakening, and that is what I expect the deity would want.
Not from a messiah, but from a man who fears no enemy and carries his sword proudly.
My very title ‘Grand Magister’, bestowed by The Temples of Satan, means ‘Occult Teacher’, and as I
see high priests, and high priestesses springing up, I see people grasping for power. Amongst the very
few that remain enlightened, and faithful to the deity.
As time has guided me away from teaching, I will never forget as students moved past me and
evolved themselves, not because I was a great teacher but I had faith. Something more powerful than
any false or made up doctrines.
I have made mistakes from sleeping with clergy in my own church, to thinking I was able to take over
some groups. Finding myself the one being laughed at for being lied to. Yet here I am with you,
standing side by side, sword drawn. With faith as the blade that pierces the hearts and minds of the
critics. While my grammar lacks, and I may not be Brad Pitt, our deity cares nothing of psychical
beauty, but of faith and devotion.
I have always been first and foremost involved, even if at times more on-line than off-line. Because of
huge distances between those truly devoted the Net has served me well. Also being a pulpit for the
critics who have attacked me and my membership, for years even causing havoc amongst my clergy,
yet I, as many, remain battle weary, but not beaten by any means.
Faith is not just of Christianity, it is a word owned by no one, except someone who uses it to describe
how they feel about their deity, and the requirements of being a Satanist. It allows them to use, and of
course develop, the power they have gained from themselves indirectly through the deity.
We as Satanist’s have seen our rank’s infiltrated by everything from, Conspiracy Theorists to Islamic
Zealots. Those who have faith have shrugged this off, (you know who you are), and I have had the
pleasure to shake hands and have a beer with many throughout the United States and once in Canada.
I recall the days when my former organization was growing, and I saw a sort of servitude happening.
Taking full advantage of it then, I now feel almost sad because of the crimes I committed. As I even
drifted from my faith at times, I am truly sorry that I used the former organization as a platform and
ignored the purpose. When I founded the Temples of Satan, I did something different, I founded it in
my faith along with others, who shared the same ideologies. Even as we differ, we still have faith.
As there are different faiths, a lot of us are very different. We are not descendants of any Abrahamic
Religion such as Islam, Christianity or Judaism, our deity came from the desert of Ancient Sumeria. As
many provide falsehoods of the region, we are dedicated to faith first, and exploration second. As we
piece parts, and scrolls and glyphs together, many questions remain unanswered. I often ask, “Who are
these messiahs to speak for my deity?”
I share my experiences but don’t claim power because of them. I am very well educated and garner a
high intellect, but I am not a messiah, and I didn’t see anyone like Myatt receive a diploma in the
teachings of Satan. So I have, as many others, deemed the writings of the Order on Nine Angles
irrelevant to Satanism, as I have the Church of Satan.
I will give them the awareness badge and say they accomplished a lot, but in Atheism, with
establishment of people acting like a God or Goddess. This ideology has hurt Satanism from the
creation of Gods and Goddesses, we have bore people who infiltrate Theistic Satanism with a lust to
create combat and chaos, while showing no interest in the deity or faith itself.
I have found myself amongst the people in Satanism both on-line and off-line, and find myself
wondering why LaVey and his ideologies have held in the minds of people so strongly. I have found
that all in all, people enjoy creating a false form of darkness to scare off people, or create a dreamland
of being a vampire. All the while shouting how they are so strong. This is due in part, to the the short
comings of Satanism, and a lack to deliver a message or information, to a large audience, without
brainwashed Modern Satanist’s attacking or discrediting you.
Once again I go back to faith, your faith and your choice. I am not a messiah, I am a leader, a teacher,
but most of all I am a Theistic Satanist.
Hail Satan
Grand Magister Blackwood

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Satanist Beware You Can Become A Sheep!

News Article Speaks of David Myatt Order of Nine Angles Engineer
Exposing The Truth
By Grand Magister Blackwood

A NEO-NAZI whose ideas were said to be the inspiration for the man who let off a nail bomb in Central London in 1999 has converted to an extremist form of Islam.

David Myatt, a founder of the hardline British National Socialist Movement (NSM) who has been jailed for racist attacks, has changed his name to Abdul Aziz ibn Myatt.
David Copeland, who is serving six life sentences after three people died in his Soho bomb attacks, was a member of the NSM.
Myatt is reportedly the author of a fascist terrorist handbook and a former leader of the violent far-right group Combat 18. But now — in his mid-50s and sporting a red, bushy beard — he subscribes to radical Islamist views.
In an internet essay entitled From Neo-Nazi to Muslim, Myatt asks: “How was it that I, a Westerner with a history of over 25 years of political involvement in extreme right-wing organisations, a former leader of the political wing of the neo-Nazi group Combat 18, came to be standing outside a mosque with a sincere desire to go inside and convert to Islam?
“These were the people who I had been fighting on the streets, I had swore (sic) at and had used violence against — indeed, one of my terms of imprisonment was a result of me leading a gang of skinheads in a fight against ‘Pakis’.”
In a later interview, Myatt supports the killing of any Muslim who breaks his oath of loyalty to Islam, and the setting up of a Muslim superstate. He describes himself as having been “staunchly opposed to non-white immigration into Britain and twice jailed for violence in pursuit of my political aims”.
Blackwood: “The uneducated Satanist’s take note Myatt will not return to Satanism!”
He added: “I spent several decades of my life fighting for what I regarded as my people, my race and my nation, and endured two terms of imprisonment arising out of my political activities.”
But his belief is now that: “The pure authentic Islam of the revival, which recognizes practical jihad (holy war) as a duty, is the only force that is capable of fighting and destroying the dishonor, the arrogance, the materialism of the West . . . For the West, nothing is sacred, except perhaps Zionists, Zionism, the hoax of the so-called Holocaust, and the idols which the West and its lackeys worship, or pretend to worship, such as democracy.
“They want, and demand, that we abandon the purity of authentic Islam and either bow down before them and their idols, or accept the tame, secularism, so-called Islam which they and their apostate lackeys have created.
“This may well be a long war, of decades or more — and we Muslims have to plan accordingly. We must affirm practical jihad — to take part in the fight to free our lands from the kuffar(unbelievers). Jihad is our duty.”
Myatt, who briefly became a monk after his second spell in prison, said that he became a Muslim while working long hours alone on a farm.
He grew up in Africa, moved to Britain in 1967 and spent time living in Worcestershire. In July 2000 Searchlight, the anti-fascist magazine, described him as “the most ideologically-driven Nazi in Britain, preaching race war and terrorism”.
Myatt was the architect of the NSM and was involved in the leadership of Combat 18. He issued a statement in response to the Soho nail bombings saying: “Neither myself nor anyone else connected to the NSM can be held responsible for these bombs in any way.
That responsibility lies with the person who constructed them, planted them and caused them to explode. Only that person, and God, know the motive behind the attacks.”
Myatt said that “all bombs are terrible and barbaric”, whether detonated by lone bombers, Western governments in Iraq or Zionists in Palestine.
“The NSM considered the creation of a revolutionary situation in this country as necessary since it wished to build an entirely new society, based upon personal honor, and believed this could only be done by destroying the dishonorable and corrupt society of the present.
“However, the NSM neither preached, nor sought to incite, what is called ‘racial hatred’. Instead, it strove to propagate the warrior values of honor, loyalty and duty, and make the British people aware of, and come to value, their ancestral warrior culture and warrior heritage.”
Myatt said recently that he had given up hope of a breakthrough by the far Right and believed that Muslims were the best hope for combating Zionism and the West.
“There will not be an uprising, a revolution, in any Western nation, by nationalists, racial nationalists, or National Socialists — because these people lack the desire, the motivation, the ethos, to do this and because they do not have the support of even a large minority of their own folk,” he said.
“If these nationalists, or some of them, desire to aid us, to help us . . . they can do the right thing, the honorable thing, and convert, revert, to Islam — accepting the superiority of Islam over and above each and every way of the We
As I have said it is important that Theistic Satanist’s avoid such Muslim rhetoric and theologies they are no rooted in reality, and it is the blood that lies proof Islam has no respect for Satanism.
We have hatred in speech but for the sheep and so they will feel the blades if they attempt to interject into Theistic Satanism.
We are Americans and if you wish to condone behaviors such as Myatt’s then move to Iraq or Afghanistan and see how much freedom you will have.
You cannot practice Satanism in Iraq, Iran or any Muslim country.
I say make your choice.
“Be Patriotic and support our people but not by honoring Myatt, and his weakly doctrine d Order of Nine Angle’s Hoax Groups.
This speaks volumes: TAKEN FROM THE ONA Website
The Goals, Aims and Objectives, of The ONA
Our fundamental aim is to change, to evolve, human beings – to produce a new type of human being. This derives from our belief that we human beings have great potential; that we can consciously change and evolve ourselves, and that esoteric Arts, especially The Dark Arts, are one of the most practical means to do this. Our Dark Arts include our sinister tribes and our Dreccian way of life, as well as the more traditional Dark Arts of External, Internal, and Aeonic Magick.
Our main goal is to disrupt, undermine, destroy, overthrow – or replace by any practical means – all existing societies, all governments, and all nations, and in their place create new societies, new ways of life, based on our own tribal way of living, where the only law is our law of sinister-honour.
Blackwood: “Sounds like Islam.”
We desire to do this because of our belief that the current order, the current systems, are all mundane, and reflect the nature of mundanes; of those who lack our sinister spirit, our defiance, our desire to free ourselves from mundanity and the restrictions of patronizing governments and abstract, impersonal, law, and which governments treat us as either children or as subjects to be restrained and controlled.
Our means – our Dark Arts – are many and varied, and include our sinister tribes, our Traditional Nexions (with the Seven Fold Sinister Way and External, Internal, and Aeonic Magick), our Dreccs, our Sorcerers and Sorceresses who work alone or with a few sinister comrades, our Sinister-Empaths, our Star Game, and our sympathizers and helpers, such as Balobians. One other important means, employed, by the ONA – and an essential part of our Dark Arts – is our sinister Mythos, and which ONA Mythos includes The Mythos of The Dark Gods, and The Mythos of Vindex.
One of our objectives is for our new species to leave this planet we call Earth (our childhood home), and establish ourselves among the star-systems of our own Galaxies, and other Galaxies. This leaving of our childhood home will, with its challenges, its experiences, and its opportunities, enable us to mature, and further evolve, as a species.

After reading this do you see anything Satanic?
Can you see why the WSA 352 and other connected groups hate me and are willing to post pictures and other negative things all over the Net, and why are they so obsessed with me?
I challenge the ideologically-driven formula that Myatt conceived !
So after all the Order of Nine Angles appears to be Islamic making those following such teachings sheep!
Hail the Real Satanist’s!
Grand Magister Blackwood
Leader of Theistic Satanism

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Books and Papers on Grand Magister Blackwood faked!!

From the Desk of Grand Magister Blackwood
© The Temples of Satan Founder and Leader of Theistic Satanism

In the recent few days people who support the Terrorist David Myatt have been attempting to besmirch my name in Theistic Satanism, and activity I would expect from immature or misguided youth.
With hours of time on their hands to create and provide fake photo’s and even now fake books, and issue we are addressing currently with the self publishing site Lulu.

I would not use the self publishing site for a book, perhaps a E-book but not at this time.
I would like to offer to those who have purchased the hoax or fake books a one hundred percent refund as a statement that they cannot win.

As always people who think things are real especially the Hoax Order of Nine Angle will often refuse to leave their ideologies behind as numerous people have exposed this group as a fraud.

With a founder who converted to Islam, nothing is more laughable to the educated Satanist, but when looking over the people who are involved in spoofing my writings, and creating false books on my accord we find a group of sordid individuals who after investigation and interview is comprised of youth.

Do not believe the deceivers in Satanism, the Order of Nine Angle’s as always its a loose group of people who wish to support terrorism, with a cowardly group of people pushing an agenda filled with falsehoods.
As the Leader of Theistic Satanism I will continue with Satan’s guidance to expose such groups to benefit of the community, as most of us know Satan has no use for Islam, or those supporting such.

Faking books and papers is also something very Christian and has no place in the Occult World.

Hail Satan
Grand Magister Blackwood
© 2010

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Church of Lucifer Comments by Grand Magister Blackwood

Luciferianism and Satanism not related!
Information provided by Grand Magister Blackwood

Similarities to Church of Satan’s Dogma:
The Church of Lucifer provides Satanic Cannon Fodder.

Luciferianism is a religion of freedom and genuine liberation from dogmatic idiocies. Luciferianism as a religion can be wrapped up into one simple phrase, “Everything in this world is a manifestation of your own free will, for good or ill!” Responsibility for everything you are and everything that happens to you good or bad is the very core of the Luciferian philosophy. Through events and sometimes chains of events, everything both good and bad in one’s life can be traced to an origin, that origin is themselves.
Comment by Temples of Satan Grand Magister Blackwood
This is a reasonable explanation however it was tilted to trick those unsuspecting devotee’s to the Occult into feeling “warm and fuzzy.”

The second most important facet of the Luciferian philosophy is the building of one’s utopia. Many when they think of the term utopia, envision everyone getting along in a perfect world of utter bliss. When Luciferians talk about utopia, they mean personal utopia and not someone else’s interpretation of a perfect world. My utopia is to write and record music and make a living from it, possibly even make enough money to buy and own a house at some point in there, and to spend at least 50 years with my wife (i e. Long happy life spent together).

Comment by Temples of Satan Grand Magister Blackwood.
Building a “self-serving” utopia is fine, but for the Theistic Satanist building his kingdom filled with the ideology of serving the greatness of the Master, is an important factor in creation of one’s kingdom.

Luciferian’s are the very epitome of social realists in that, we don’t see things through blinders, we see them for what they are. Our happiness, is in our hands…period! No gods or devils ruling over us, we are our very own creators and ultimately destroyers. We are the Alpha and the Omega of all things in our reality, a reality forged in our own perceptions of the world around us. Each and every person’s perceptions differ from the next person’s and therefore religion and dogmatic stigma are dissolved by those who understand this, as there can’t be strict dogma without herd mentality.

Comment by Temples of Satan Grand Magister Blackwood.
Similarities with The Church of Satan and the preaching of “keeping away from the herd.”
So how does this Lucifer Organization differ from the theology of The Church of Satan obliviously the designer of this ideology was a former Church of Satan member and slanted it to attract the wandering masses, yet speaks of the “herd mentality.”

The third most important facet of Luciferianism, is magic and balance. Magic isn’t hocus pocus, smoke and mirrors or useless hooplah, magic is as old as time itself. Magic won’t make one rich overnight, incredibly popular or anything unrealistic, magic works with nature and not against it! All things in nature require balance and justice, the blind scales of justice if you will (For imaginations purpose).

Comment by Temples of Satan Grand Magister Blackwood.
The use an practice of magick (The Crowley K was added) however requires one to spawn it from a source this belief in magic (corrected) is simply illogical since the Church denies a deity on one breath and then returns later to explain magic (corrected) to its masses.
“Talk about herds!”

Although Luciferianism has nothing restricting like a “three fold law”, it does indeed work on the scales of balance, balance in nature and oneself, as well as justice, justification in one attaining what they desire through magic. Take money for instance, if one personally works their hardest to attain such material things and uses magic to reinforce it, nothing will hold you back via balance. Justice wise however, to attain any material gain, you get what you put into it, meaning that without taking the proper steps and through the natural and necessary channels, your magic will be fruitless.

The same goes for all things in life, for without balance and justice/justification life will seem like an uphill struggle on roller skates. Been an asshole your whole life? Expect to get kicked when you’re down! Been the nice guy who everyone can turn to for help? Then expect to continue getting used for your services. Be yourself, show kindness to those who deserve it and likewise at the opposite end of the spectrum? Expect a happy, fulfilling and blissful life. Balance and Justice are key components in the effectiveness of all magical workings as well as Luciferianism as a whole.

Comments by Temples of Satan Grand Magister Blackwood.
Balance is acknowledged by many however it is not required as a concept unless the adept of Theistic Satanism is not mentally balanced otherwise tossing this terminology out is just another “knee jerk” commentary tossed out to create a herd.

Just as Lilith is Lucifer’s counterpart, all things have a duality, including human beings. We are happy/sad, intellectual/primitive, aggressive/passive, sexual/abstinent, masculine/feminine, active/dead etc… Each and every human being is a walking parody of themselves who through life experiences, have had their perceptions of the world shaped and came to understand them with time. Understanding and application of what is understood are core components of any true initiation and or progression in Luciferianism.

Comments by Temples of Satan Grand Magister Blackwood.
“Wait a minute free from standards deities and now we return to deities I wonder.”
Would you not be atheistic in nature turning towards Lilith and Lucifer similar to The Church of Satan and their position on practicing rituals to their icon Satan.
Once again a poor theory showing certain confusion and misdirection.

Cursing someone works in much the same manner in Luciferianism, before attempting any curse ask yourself these questions; Is cursing this person setting the scales back into balance? Is cursing this person truly justified for what they’ve done? Remember, throwing your scales off balance, can greatly effect you now, or in the future through future events

Thanks, as you can see the Church of Lucifer is as confused with Atheism as The Church of Satan is, I love these so called want to be in but not all in groups.

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