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Church of Lucifer Comments by Grand Magister Blackwood

Luciferianism and Satanism not related!
Information provided by Grand Magister Blackwood

Similarities to Church of Satan’s Dogma:
The Church of Lucifer provides Satanic Cannon Fodder.

Luciferianism is a religion of freedom and genuine liberation from dogmatic idiocies. Luciferianism as a religion can be wrapped up into one simple phrase, “Everything in this world is a manifestation of your own free will, for good or ill!” Responsibility for everything you are and everything that happens to you good or bad is the very core of the Luciferian philosophy. Through events and sometimes chains of events, everything both good and bad in one’s life can be traced to an origin, that origin is themselves.
Comment by Temples of Satan Grand Magister Blackwood
This is a reasonable explanation however it was tilted to trick those unsuspecting devotee’s to the Occult into feeling “warm and fuzzy.”

The second most important facet of the Luciferian philosophy is the building of one’s utopia. Many when they think of the term utopia, envision everyone getting along in a perfect world of utter bliss. When Luciferians talk about utopia, they mean personal utopia and not someone else’s interpretation of a perfect world. My utopia is to write and record music and make a living from it, possibly even make enough money to buy and own a house at some point in there, and to spend at least 50 years with my wife (i e. Long happy life spent together).

Comment by Temples of Satan Grand Magister Blackwood.
Building a “self-serving” utopia is fine, but for the Theistic Satanist building his kingdom filled with the ideology of serving the greatness of the Master, is an important factor in creation of one’s kingdom.

Luciferian’s are the very epitome of social realists in that, we don’t see things through blinders, we see them for what they are. Our happiness, is in our hands…period! No gods or devils ruling over us, we are our very own creators and ultimately destroyers. We are the Alpha and the Omega of all things in our reality, a reality forged in our own perceptions of the world around us. Each and every person’s perceptions differ from the next person’s and therefore religion and dogmatic stigma are dissolved by those who understand this, as there can’t be strict dogma without herd mentality.

Comment by Temples of Satan Grand Magister Blackwood.
Similarities with The Church of Satan and the preaching of “keeping away from the herd.”
So how does this Lucifer Organization differ from the theology of The Church of Satan obliviously the designer of this ideology was a former Church of Satan member and slanted it to attract the wandering masses, yet speaks of the “herd mentality.”

The third most important facet of Luciferianism, is magic and balance. Magic isn’t hocus pocus, smoke and mirrors or useless hooplah, magic is as old as time itself. Magic won’t make one rich overnight, incredibly popular or anything unrealistic, magic works with nature and not against it! All things in nature require balance and justice, the blind scales of justice if you will (For imaginations purpose).

Comment by Temples of Satan Grand Magister Blackwood.
The use an practice of magick (The Crowley K was added) however requires one to spawn it from a source this belief in magic (corrected) is simply illogical since the Church denies a deity on one breath and then returns later to explain magic (corrected) to its masses.
“Talk about herds!”

Although Luciferianism has nothing restricting like a “three fold law”, it does indeed work on the scales of balance, balance in nature and oneself, as well as justice, justification in one attaining what they desire through magic. Take money for instance, if one personally works their hardest to attain such material things and uses magic to reinforce it, nothing will hold you back via balance. Justice wise however, to attain any material gain, you get what you put into it, meaning that without taking the proper steps and through the natural and necessary channels, your magic will be fruitless.

The same goes for all things in life, for without balance and justice/justification life will seem like an uphill struggle on roller skates. Been an asshole your whole life? Expect to get kicked when you’re down! Been the nice guy who everyone can turn to for help? Then expect to continue getting used for your services. Be yourself, show kindness to those who deserve it and likewise at the opposite end of the spectrum? Expect a happy, fulfilling and blissful life. Balance and Justice are key components in the effectiveness of all magical workings as well as Luciferianism as a whole.

Comments by Temples of Satan Grand Magister Blackwood.
Balance is acknowledged by many however it is not required as a concept unless the adept of Theistic Satanism is not mentally balanced otherwise tossing this terminology out is just another “knee jerk” commentary tossed out to create a herd.

Just as Lilith is Lucifer’s counterpart, all things have a duality, including human beings. We are happy/sad, intellectual/primitive, aggressive/passive, sexual/abstinent, masculine/feminine, active/dead etc… Each and every human being is a walking parody of themselves who through life experiences, have had their perceptions of the world shaped and came to understand them with time. Understanding and application of what is understood are core components of any true initiation and or progression in Luciferianism.

Comments by Temples of Satan Grand Magister Blackwood.
“Wait a minute free from standards deities and now we return to deities I wonder.”
Would you not be atheistic in nature turning towards Lilith and Lucifer similar to The Church of Satan and their position on practicing rituals to their icon Satan.
Once again a poor theory showing certain confusion and misdirection.

Cursing someone works in much the same manner in Luciferianism, before attempting any curse ask yourself these questions; Is cursing this person setting the scales back into balance? Is cursing this person truly justified for what they’ve done? Remember, throwing your scales off balance, can greatly effect you now, or in the future through future events

Thanks, as you can see the Church of Lucifer is as confused with Atheism as The Church of Satan is, I love these so called want to be in but not all in groups.

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