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Brotherhood of Satan Christian Knights!

Why the Knights of The Templar and Satanism Don’t Mix!

The Brotherhood of Satan Cult Leader “Turns Christian” Proof Link!

But lets just not take the Brotherhood of Satan’s word for it I will cite several authors more versed in the history of the Templar’s:


Modern Templar Organizations.

After contacting a representative of the Modern Order they laughed when I spoke of The Brotherhood of Satan and asked me how Satanism was connected, a fact perhaps The Brotherhood Cult Leader failed to understand, or perhaps its some secret knowledge he is holding until you pay his membership fee!

More information the Cult Leader failed to read!

Hundreds of articles provide Christian Links and only those who attempt to add mysticism to Satanism would ever take up the ideology of the Templar’s being Satanic.

To make such claims is nothing short of misleading so as a Real Satanic Church the Temples of Satan and Church of Theistic Satanism as always showing those seeking the path of True Enlightenment the Truth and Excellence those who are involved in Theistic Satanism would expect.


Please don’t take my word and please don’t take the Brotherhood of Satan Cult’s word for it for they are not doing anything great for Satanism, claiming Unity and then aligning with Christian Historical Knights that add to the “Cult Atmosphere” It is a shame, groups can’t be truthful and practice Real Satanism, relying on convincing people some “spooky” story has more than it really does.


If a group desires to start a Satanic Knighthood then do it, don’t tie yourself to Gnostic Christianity or Islam, it makes for a great story but confuses the young people who truly wish to learn about the religion and not be mislead by groups with a desire to charge membership fee’s to benefit him or his wife.


Hail Satan

“The Purity and Excellence in Satanism.”

Grand Magister Blackwood

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