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Beware of Daniel Paden of Fremont California Continues to Stalk Prominent Religious Leaders

Phone Stalking From Daniel Paden Continues

Cindy and I are now the targets of Daniel Paden’s campaign to stalk and harass, and have pursued avenues to protect ourselves, we both have been victimized by Atheist rhetoric and attacks from a failed forty five year old alcoholic who has been alleged to have molested his own daughter.

I discovered in emotional emails from a ex-girlfriend of Daniel Paden who in a tear filled interview exposed he had in a drunken stupor admitted he may have had sex with his own daughter coercing her one drunken evening., and in retaliation he visited and stalked my father and wife at our residence and business while being inebriated.

He cheerfully posted a video to the event, claiming he was merely shopping, well visiting over two thousand miles to hand out a brochure something against that in our religion is allowed in our religion without cruelty, and now even today my phone while unable to trace the location of the calls, is being monitored by Verizon and techs have claimed that calls have originated in California.

Cindy has received few calls than me, and I plan to visit legal avenues in the days ahead.

I have offered a reprieve to this stalker, but he refuses to settle as he knows I have strong evidence against him in the allegations of child molestation.

I remain vigilant and warn people Daniel has engaged in many stalking incidents where people disagreed with him, but I remain vigilant and know justice shall prevail and I am very grateful to the supporters and will let justice prevail.

Daniel Paden a unemployed forty five year old chooses to drink himself to death and stalk and harass he will in the end pay the price, and I am of the opinion he molested his own daughter that is something he needs to take up with his ex girlfriend and leave me and wife to our lives, because he has none and is an apparent failure, his pod casts barely get few listeners and this fight I think is to increase his listener base, and because I published recently copies of the damning emails he continues to deny any connection to yet I have viewed photo evidence of his ex and him together which I also posted privately to those who I personally know, as his ex girlfriend feels endangered.

I can see why, he has enlisted Atheists who are friendly to him, or from his tiny fan base to name call, and stalk as well but each will be dealt with individually in the future.


Should you have any further information on Daniel Paden to as to him or his friends stalking you please feel free to email it to

Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik PhD.

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