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The Devil Squad In Business

The Priests “Come Out At Night.” Commentary by Temples of Satan Grand Magister Blackwood
The Leader of Theistic Satanism.
Priests are to work alongside Italian police officers to tackle a rising tide of crimes linked to devil worship.
The clerics have been seconded to the Squadra Anti Sette (SAS) anti-sect squad by the Vatican after Church officials became concerned about the number of churches being desecrated by Satanists. In recent months there have also been a string of murders that have been linked to devil worship.

I would personally challenge any Priest, Witness, Reverend or to visit me sometime and see the real power that can be obtained by devotion and dedication to the Master.

I revel in the surge of crimes that are being done in the Master’s Name and enjoy the confusion that permeates the Vatican to think they have any power to destroy, remove or control any demon, daemon, or even the Master himself.

This Squad is nothing short of a resurgence of the Crusades, how many more Satanists must be affected by Christianity?

Grand Magister Blackwood
The New Leader of Satanism


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Net Kingdoms Damage Satanism

Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000168 EndHTML:0000004743 StartFragment:0000000489 EndFragment:0000004726The Net of Kingdoms of Satanism


Over the last few days I have spent a few hours getting things removed that are damaging to Satanists, I will continue such behaviors tied together with several other leaders in Satanism.

I as well as Magister Alexander and Magistra Candy , Magister Honorary Dave, and others we will be watching and purging people who do not share in the behaviors that will benefit the Lord and Master Satan from within the Temples of Satan and will expose a lot of the people who have been determined to besmirch our glorious religion.

Kings and Queens are popping up as fast as new Net Applications come forward creating a environment of drama and despair and driving those from our religion faster than any other religion.

This is unacceptable, and will not continue to go unnoticed over the next few months I will diligently work with other leaders to attack the Kingdoms not by words but by exposing people to for the lies and lore they are selling the unsuspecting villagers.

Most of these Kings and Queens are unable to lead and probably purchased their kingdom from the local Books a Million.

A few questions arise when the villager comes upon one of these Internet Kingdoms.

  1. Does the organization have a real site or a Angel Fire Page or Free Webs Page?
  2. Does the organization have off line meetings?
  3. Does the organization offer classes or on-line meet and greets and off-line meet and greets.
  4. Does the organization have legal documentation.
  5. Does the organization have elders in leadership positions.

These kingdoms that have sprung up ac crossed the land elect the Dukes and Lords at will adding the titles at will to the front of scree names, this action is often done by new to leadership and when confronted on the Satanic Battlefield these Dukes, Reverends, and Priestesses run and seldom can discuss Satanism from any angle.

Fake Kingdoms are easy to spot and fail most every test in Real Satanism.

  1. Does the organization use copied texts such as reprinted doctrines or similar doctrines or do they have their own.
  2. Does the organization have Universal Life Church Ministry or actual Legal Ordained Ministers, and what titles are given out at random to those who inhabit the castles, and villages.
  3. Does the organization have defined plan of action or a plan of approaching ordainments and legalities of our religion.
  4. Does the organization swear you in our make you pay membership dues to a King or Queen and not offer a donation system for great things given.
  5. Does the organization have structure and or plans of action regarding working with membership to help them along the path and understand Satan.

The Kingdoms that lack these things should almost always be avoiding continue moving the caravan to another village the King and Queen in organizations on the Net that do not offer up these things for the benefit of Satan should be watched and purged from Satanism.

These activities are important to Satanism, and will garner the change, for the Kingdoms that enslave the mind will always be overthrown by the Horsemen of Satanism and the true because as in history Kingdoms flourished from teaching behaviors and positive direction, not dogma and innuendo.
Hail The Lord and Master Satan

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Size Doesnt Matter In Satanism


Size doesn’t matter in Satanism….

Satanism Exposed By Grand Magister Blackwood


In many circles of Satanism, the raw idea is that “Size Matters” this is further from the truth and further in the minds of those wise and deep rooted in the Occult.

The overall size of a E-group has nothing to do with the worth or value of any organization, take our organization for example where 70% participate on line and 30% participate off-line.

Another fact is apparent that in Satanism about 1% of the overall participant off-line and on-line are actually aligned with the organizations and networks they are members in.

Another example is The Temples of Satan which has currently a mix of members from ac crossed the globe examples are:

Africa: 30 members

Asia:2 members.

Europe: 40 members.

As the globe is scattered with many countries and provinces one can simply break down this further into areas, such as Iran were I have one member, and London where I have 6 members, compared to Buffalo New York where I have as many as ten members in the general area.

Michigan my home state has merely 5 members.

I often think that by doing a membership audit we actually probably have two to three hundred members that we could muster in some kind of off-line effort, but we as many organizations in the coming years are concentrating on urging off-line meets, unlike the WSA, or ON A’s out there that fill rolls with on line critics and weak minded individuals that have little or no knowledge of the occult but are quick to attack people by calling them names and dealing out lies and tales of falsehood.

These on line organizations especially the Internet-based WSA have members that prefer on line participation because they mostly live at home, act like vampires, read one or two occult books and have become experts, but when approached by knowledgeable individuals like myself and a few others quickly fall backward to school yard tactics, name calling, and false stories all that are easily debunked and refuted for the swill they seem to reside in.

So for those critics that try to size up organizations by E-groups totals understand this not an indicator of what is really going, I can simply point back to the myth of the Order of Nine Angles which claims thousands of members, but has no organization other than in the minds of those confused Satanists, and Cultists that grasp for the sinister path without a clue of reality.

I encounter them on line often and find they lack the knowledge tp discuss anything short of trying to force a series of questions upon people calling them Pseudo when of course these answers would be so stupid they would be laughed at by the adept.

I was asked the other day to estimate membership totals for my organization, I can say about 700 or so but this is unknown because to contact and interact with everyone with taking a dime in compensation would be a full time job even the most skilled administration could not even hope to handle, even the Church of Satan probably can’t recall every single member.

The Temples of Satan will most certainly improve and work as much as they can with membership past and present and rope in the membership they may have lost as people move, change emails, change carriers, etc.

Rest assured the groups I work with an are affiliated with are very large even larger than the Temples of Satan, one having almost 3000 members but the leader and administration has told me, they can’t even be confident that is actual and if a meeting was held they claim a 10% confirmation attendance.

So when an organization criticizes someone, or an organization realize this final little snippet.

The organization that has the 3000 members has a website but no forum other than Yahoo and no fashionable NING site, which we have with almost 200 members with only 73% in actual membership with filled out applications, we have removed almost 50 members because of no informations, false information and or fake profiles, we are weeding out as many as fast as we can, realize this as popular as Crowley was he considered his success in having about 35 accomplished adepts that understood magick the Crowley was, so we are doing rather well with the advent of the Internet and L a Vey’s brainwashing of Satanism.



Grand Magister Blackwood

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The Voice of Satanism Q and A Reality and Falsehoods


Grand Magister Blackwood’s Open Letter To Satanism

Grand Magister Blackwood Temples of Satan


It has been a long year and all over the Internet I have been hit hard by those of you who would rather be critical of my personal life, so I have decided to write this letter:

I have spoofed with multiple scree name’s and fake this and that however even in the weakest days the Internet Organization Order of Nine Angles and the Teenage Satanists The WSA or White Star Acceptance, could not hold a candle to the likes of Order of Perdition that was created out of the remains of my old World Wide Order of Satanists.

Now I will address a few things and explain a few things that are rather important to me and why I continue to march forward and my organization continues to grow.

Q. Blackwood’s Temples of Satan Doctrines are weak at best!

A. We did not provide actual doctrines to those who are not in membership with the Temples of Satan, and the doctrines so freely downloaded are merely a snippet of the Temples of Satan materials I have made available to members off-line.

I have provided many clear things but as many of you who have spoke with me on the phone can attest I feel that Satanism Today is far to complex and I refuse to sell people a false bill of goods or a reconstituted La Vey Theory or some theory spun from Faust, and especially provide such poor information in set of concrete doctrines.

Those who have studied the Occult can easily diffuse the fakes and falsehoods of most Occult Doctrines and it is our path as Theistic Satanists to challenge all documents and ideologies.

I think that to worship Satan no doctrines are required the few I have posted are simplistic and designed for the Satanist to explore his or her own path further, not follow some 21rst Century Guru.

Q. Blackwood has made many claims and operates a few Internet groups, but lies often about membership totals!

A. I have as any organization floating membership totals and the critics seem to be wanting to keep score I guess, honestly the real numbers are unknown because other people handle most of the duties other than myself, so updating membership totals in not my position.

Q. Everyone on Occult Forums hates Blackwood.

A. I left the Occult Forums for a reason the reason is I posted in violation of Terms of Service, this happened about one year ago, I have not returned since, and yet people from various groups of teenage Satanists continue to spoof my name there, which is fine however causes a bit of confusion.

I do not I repeat do not post anything in the Occult Forums and have had only my Administrator visit the site to offer a pointblank statement for me since my IP is banned .

Q. 20 years and Blackwood has done very little in Satanism!

A. Yes it has been a twisty and turvy twenty years, but I have had successes and failures but I would not trade any of it, I have lead and fallen victim to my own lusts and desires, and all in all accomplished numerous accolades and garnered friendships from Satanism’s Elite.

My friends and allies go deep and we have all been challenged in positions and opinions by the Trolls of the Net, all taking our lumps well.

I have appeared in a few videos and offered up and had articles published and yet I do not have a book one out there, I have one I have delayed on numerous occasion and will finish in the days ahead.

I look forward to final contributions by several notable Satanists then it will be complete.

I cannot compare some peoples accomplishments but I can say all in all I have remained dedicated and devoted to Satan for many years.

I have accomplished a lot bringing many new people to the religion and bringing into question numerous texts and documents, so comparing someone for writing a book which probably sold very few anyway is purely ludicrous, selling books on Lulu is no medal of honor, a few here and there or even on Cafe Press both place anyone could do and offer up drivel.

I used Lulu once and was semi-successful however I decided that basic doctrines were to be given away simply as spreading the word.

One critic expounded that some guy sold albums not related to Satanism, rap star to Satan go figure!

Satan doesn’t require you to write, sing or even act, he requires your devotion.

Q. Blackwood talks to Satan!

A. Satan has spoken to and with many of the accomplished adepts in Satanism throughout the ages, I don’t question the Master I question the source and time and time again I find myself lost in the visions I receive using mediums and channelers to help with the vision, however one thing is clear they all seem to agree that it is perhaps Satan.

We are all different in belief systems and values but to attack someones opinion is all fair at the game, but to constantly attack the person is rather strange and critics remind me of a political campaign, plenty of negatives, few valid points.

I have decided that in 2009 to work with individuals off-line and in private formats and allow my On-line Administrators full control of all sites and E-groups, allowing me to focus more on Satanism and helping my fellow Satanists.


All in all this opt-ed piece follows up numerous others and offers a final insight, the remainder of information about me and my life is been exposed freely and offered up in truth, and we all come from different paths and have done different things right and wrong and I am not above thanking individuals and people for what they do, and understanding them, but I will not yield to the swords of the weak minded and critical people who permeate Satanism for the sole purpose if being part of something they practice underground.


I have been in many battles and expect more over this opt-ed but I also know that I have touched many of lives and been garnered with friendship, more off-line than on-line, I expect this will truly allow my organization to grow further, but I will of course find myself being flamed and attacked over and over by those who misunderstand my ideals and ideologies, but more-over those who really prefer to be Modern Satanists and remain in the God Role!


We differ and thats great but organizations that promote bad tidings waste time and fill our email boxes with mountains of useless banter, I am done with defense now sword drawn its offense time, and such actions will merit growth and prosperity for those who refuse to help or bring sword to the battles, will of course be swept away under the wheels of Theistic Satanism.



Grand Magister Blackwood

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Satanic Truth
Boiling It Down To The Bone!
By Grand Magister Blackwood

Changes for The Temples of Satan.

Four days after a recent successful ritual, I have been pondering this thought about Satan, and have decided it needed to be shared, spread like the seeds of the milkweed plant.
A clear vision came to me Satan has grown extremely tired of the falsehoods surrounding his kingdom, the inane ramblings of plagiarists and garbage of groups designed to practice Satanism On-line.
As always his true message can only be delivered to the masses Off-line.
Much can and will be shared via the caves and crevices of the net, however this information will never provide a clear picture of his reality and his strength in leadership and dominion over Earth.
Satan’s true messages are shared one-on-one amongst those dedicated to him, as they were long before the Internet became popular.
The Temples of Satan blogs are well read and continue to bring interested parties forward, however many people find themselves interested and coming to meet both On and Off-line, this will continue to be encouraged and cultivated for the benefit of Satan.
The blogs are going to be providing information and insights but will be devoid of Satanic Verses and or Satanic Doctrine, I will continue exposing those who provide misdirection and inane teaching designed to collect membership dues and fees instead of sharing the Word of Satan.
I have released some basic doctrines however it still is not complete according the actual teachings available, from The Temples of Satan.
I continue to provide messages here and provide insights however many who know me Off-line enjoy the company of this Adept and my clear messages of Satanism from the Theistic Viewpoint.
The truth is Off-line with The Temples of Satan and can be provided in various media and methods but no longer On-line.
Theistic Satanism is thriving and with such growth comes pains and these growing pains are now coming more frequently as shallow minded people come to grips with the fact that Satan is real.
However as always I warn that people are being taken, and misguided down this positive path, towards a detrimental and negative set of false teachings.
Satan desires purity!
I will serve this warning to those groups in Theistic Satanism, that if you benefit from Satan’s People, and refuse to serve benefits in return to your membership, I and the Temples of Satan Membership will expose you and your organization for its missteps, lies and miscues, all in servitude and dedication to Satan.
Those who are stuck in the Internet Zone will never destroy or thwart this effort, since it is driven forward in Satan’s name.
I founded this organization in 2000 with the help of others some, gone, some still with me but yet we remain one of the most “outspoken” groups On and Off-line, because instead of being lead by a mystic, a messiah, or even a “Universal Life Church Zero Effort Priest or Priestess” we are not lead we are simply represented by myself and several others both On and Off-line in the Satanic Realm.
The efforts of The Temples of Satan continue and as we rebuild the empire for Satan, we still refuse to charge membership fees, instead choose to donate to vital causes for Satan, not the pockets of “Get Rich Quick Satanic Leadership.”
Some “ignorant critics” clamor “Reverse Christianity” to this “I simply respond” show me the success of any Satanic Group, not fluffed up member totals On-line or bulging E-Groups but real bodies of those seeking truth, I have many I have met and continue to meet Off-line, so just shut up and try that elsewhere, this Satanic Organization is not for your critical behaviorism or nature.
The many Churches of Satan are comprised and over-flowing with anxious membership that desire truth and this truth sometimes involves understanding Satan.
This understanding could never come via the Internet via some Group or Chat-Room.
Reading thousands of books and typing away in Chat-Rooms plays a message to Real Satanists that you are merely a Avatar, not a Satanist that has the ability to converse, meet, and share.
I do and will continue to meet those interested Off-line, along with having conversations briefly here and there On-line, but from today I will “boiling it down to the bone.”
I will continue to Blog, and Post , but interactions between myself and others who are just wasting time in Theistic Satanism are no longer welcomed, it is well known through-out history that it is inappropriate to exchange much of the Word of Satan to everyday commoners.
Satan has not only expressed this to me, but others throughout history.
Information should be exchanged in briefs and quick reads, however actual knowledge is not hidden in some proverbial “Pirate Chest” filled with secret arcane writings copied from adepts of the past, waiting for some “hapless leadership” to unveil over some On-line Library or in some Chat-Room “lost in the space” of the Internet, it can only be shared as it was in history person to person or via private forums not traded for bloated membership fees to buy beer for the “So-called leadership.”
I find devotion through this exchange of knowledge but I along with others in The Temples of Satan who are free from “Universal Life Church Bought” titles now do such privately in groups that are free from typical public scrutiny.
Our future prescience will be aligned toward Off-line progress and exchange privately and exposure of our materials and teachings, and should you desire secret texts documents and advanced learning, I regret “take it elsewhere.”
Our E-Group which grows daily which incidentally grows daily, will continue to remain as a portal and exchange, however will be devoid of secret doctrines and teachings copy and pasted elsewhere on the Net.
No libraries, no text links and as far as affiliates, you of course can make the choice.
Satan is not hiding waiting behind the cover of a book, behind a E-group he is available just look around, listen, and open your mouth, not your purse or wallet.
Distrust those who desire to prosper because of Satan, he doesn’t expect you to be broke, E-Commerce is great but to exchange his information in public is harmful to his essence, so be very careful, and head this warning it isn’t made up by me it has been revealed for centuries by adepts.
Soon the ability to become ordained debuts from The Temples of Satan and rest assured this could come at no better of a time as Satan begins his return to dominance.
Changes at years end will come from privatizing our Internet Information and releasing just enough to bring aboard new membership, however this membership will only exchange ideologies and knowledge as the ancients one-on-one, or in private forums.
I don’t have closets full of fake and made up doctrines, Black Books,Demon Bibles, and Secret Doctrines, Dark Forces and all the “frills and chills” of a Circus Sideshow, I have got truth I can share but no longer in the typical forums.
Did someone resurrect La Vey? “Quick bury him.”
A great adept once wrote:
O ye that have believed in me, honor my symbol and my image, for they remind you
of me. Observe my laws and statutes. Obey my servants and listen to whatever they
may dictate to you of the hidden things. Receive that that is dictated, and do not
carry it before those who are without, Jews, Christians, Moslems, and others; for
they know not the nature of my teaching. Do not give them your books, lest they
alter them without your knowledge. Learn by heart!
To a great adept so was written!
Excellence In Satanism
The Temples of Satan

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Temples of Satan Purity By Grand Magister Blackwood


The Temples of Satan

Taking Its Place In Theistic Satanism

By: Grand Magister Blackwood


For years those of us in Satanism, have watched numerous groups sprout up and go away unable to attract others like themselves.

As other groups and people in Satanism criticize me, or what I write about of feel the hurt of exposure, all in all the Temples of Satan expand and prosper in a world filled with negative sediment.

I have incubated and evolved the Temples of Satan into more than an on-line E-group, it is a thriving off-line organization, and despite low participation numbers in off-line meetings we continue to form alliances and network challenges and opportunities for our members to meet others in Satanism.

We look to the future to shape Theistic Satanism, and plan to develop from within with new programs including ordainment and non profit status, along with a new website and new information streamlined for members and interested alike.

At the Temples of Satan one thing stands that differs us from all other organizations that permeate the religion known as Satanism.

We have a “come as you are atmosphere” admitting those who desire to learn and discuss Satanism from the Theistic perspective.

We differ from other groups and organizations and have exposed numerous fakes and cults and will continue to do so all in attempt to purge Satanism of false messiahs and religious zealots a clear commandment that Satan of course would support:

    Over the months and days ahead we expect expansion and with such three things are clear to the Temples of Satan

    A. We are tired of groups in Satanism forcing the ideology that one must know or learn magic in order to become a Satanist.

This is nothing further from the truth, many in the Temples of Satan do practice magic, however for the new to Satanism this can drive them easily off due to the contents of most tomes and books being written by adepts for adepts.

Being a Theistic Satanist does not require the practice of magic, Satan could care less if you can do magic, just be devoted and ready to raise the sword against those who are against him.

    B. There is no secret doctrine, all of what you can find and work with should you choose magic as

    a devotion and or integral part of your path should be defined simply and not contain jargon designed to provide some secret provided by a teacher, or by some Internet based organization.

Satan doesn’t require secret lore and fairy tales, dark ideologies or arcane passages to follow him in his quest for dominance, he requires devotion and with such devotion he provides the student or the adept guidance through his or her realm.

Days are over for those who claim to posses the proverbial “golden chest” and those who send a few dollars or even a few hundred dollars in to feed the ego of some leader he or she will never speak with are waning and soon will disappear, so those in Satanism attempting to mislead Theistic Satanists who have become part of the Temples of Satan beware!

C. Purity in Theistic Satanism is the path that is sensible and this Pure Satanism will dominate and destroy others who desire goals and procure leadership, not for Satan but their own ego.

For years those of us who worship Satan have been lied to and pushed around by those who support views and ideologies that require Satanist’s to learn Latin or Enochian, “enough already” Satan speaks all languages and requires simple devotion, to him.

There is nothing complex, no dark doctrines, no demon circles, no copy and paste symbols, just the knowledge that Satan is in your heart, and you the individual, not the organization, not the Universal Life Church ordained leadership is in control of your destiny to fight for Satan and be devoted to his very essence, from today and tomorrow onward side by side your fellow Theistic Satanist’s who are all of like minds and spirits dedicated to Satan, not the wishes, goals and desires of any one leader in Satanism, because those who have came before those living now had no leaders just places to gather, that is what the Temples of Satan is about and will further itself to be.

As I return to calling members I have found that once spoken with and spoken to they share many origins and paths that differ yet remain intertwined into a world that supports only Satan, not the words and dreams and misguiding of mad men and mad women, who pay for Satanic Priesthood and then talk a great game, not this Satanist!

I have met hundreds of people off-line and continue to do so I will continue to as time allows to spread the Word of Satan to those interested and those who disagree will fall under the wheels of those who drive the chariots toward Infernal Life with Satan being a part of their path forever.

I challenge the critics and the lost to come to our home and soon enough our faith in Satan will devour you as Satan devours the planet.

Join us and become part of “Purity in Theistic Satanism”and find yourself walking amongst others who are devoted to Satan, not walking amongst zombies who think anarchy is cool, and acting evil is something Satan could even care about.

D. We are devoted to Satan, simply put and with such devotion we thrive and build something unmatched by those who support an ego, that isn’t about Satan.



Hail Satan.

Hail The Temples of Satan

Grand Magister Blackwood


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Teens accused of Satanism in Russia

Goths arrested on suspicion of murdering and eating teenagers in Satanic ritual

Police in the western Russian city of Yaroslavl have arrested a gang of goths accused of killing and eating four teenagers in a gory Satanic ritual.


The eight suspected Satanists, aged 17 to 19, allegedly lured the four youths to parties on the forested edge of Yaroslavl’s city limits, before inducing them to drink and then chopping up their bodies.

Police found the victims’ arms and legs in a pit dressed with Satanic symbols, and investigators say each victim was stabbed 666 times – a number taken to be the sign of the devil.

The four victims were lured in two separate incidents in late June, investigators believe. First the gang approached and dismembered Olga Pukhova and Anna Gorokhova on June 28, before attacking Varya Kuzmina and her boyfriend Andrei Sorokin the next day. All the victims were between the ages of 16 and 17.

Investigators launched a citywide search before discovering the gruesome death site in mid-August.

The victims – all goths themselves – had told their families they were going to a nearby music festival. Instead, police discovered they had all phoned the flat of alleged Satanist cult leader Nikolai Ogolobyak, who lives 250 metres away from the site of the deadly ritual.

Kuzmina reportedly called a friend from Ogolobyak’s apartment late the night of her murder and said: “I don’t like it here, something’s not right. I’ll tell you about it later.”

One of the eight arrested Satanists had spent time in a psychological facility, but was later released. He refused to renounce his beliefs, allegedly saying “Satan will help me avoid responsibility – I’ve brought him many victims.”

Goth and emo culture have come under increasing scrutiny in Russia, where pierced youths draped in black are ubiquitous.

In June, the State Duma held a hearing on proposed legal amendments that would regulate emo websites and prevent goth-inclined teenagers from entering schools and government buildings.

Thanks to Telegraph Newspaper in The United Kingdom

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The Voice of Satanism Exposed By Grand Magister Blackwood

Welcome to a New Dawn in exposing Satanism.

Not an attack on “Mainstream Satanism” but some truths and facts from around the world in 666 days.

Thanks For Your Support!

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