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Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Exposes Church of Ahriman Fraud

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Adam (known Sex Offender) and Kelsey Daniels SLANDER Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik


Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik by Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik ADAM B DANIELS 5000.00 CHALLENGE AND REBUTAL


Commentary to Theistic Satanism by Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik

For almost a year now many of the people of the Occult Community have been plagued including myself by Dastur (a self appointed title since it is earned by being in Zoroastrianism) Adam B. Daniels a known Convicted Rapist (please click on this link to view his Oklahoma Criminal Record and his cult cronies which includes his wife Kelsey (which will be discussed in this article as well) and Jeremy a friend who also plays a integral part in malicious internet attacks and sites which range from attacking my girlfriend and “bashing transvestites” by calling my girlfriend who is a heterosexual female a “tranny” to bashing my deceased mother in a series of lies which included false claims through numerous Face Book Profiles and websites which included and along with attacking other known leaders in Theistic Satanism like Robert Fraize along with attacking his girlfriend and child in malicious photo meme’s all because they themselves were exposed for being a Cult of Sex Offenders something that any religious community should fight against, this is not lies of falsehood.

After founding the Church of Ahriman (a Zoroastrian Rape Demon which failed after only a year or so) they decided to switch gears and attack people via the internet and other methods.


The dysfunctional family located 5974 NW 35th Street, Warr Acres, Oklahoma 73122home of Adam B Daniels (LINK TO SEX OFFENDER report along with a reported drug offender Jeremy Melvin (who was married for a short period of time to a woman who after 3 months left after appalling sex antics and weird rituals ran off) and of course his wife Kelsey Daniels all in all are using the Oklahoma Welfare system to pay for their weird sexual antics, instead of spending time bettering themselves by making their church stronger or GETTING A JOB. But worst yet I and several others exposed a few lies that we find important to the public.

  • Stalking people by visiting them (in the case of the Christian Minister Eric Fraize).

  • Stalking Robert Fraize and his Autistic Child.

  • Creating “false and fake” Rip Off Reports.

  • Creating Stalking Internet Profiles on Face Book and Fake Screen-names.

  • Stalking a lady in Michigan and Stalking a lady in Massachusetts.

  • Creating Videos slandering myself and Robert Fraize and his family.

  • Promoting “Kill Yourself” content on children and adults.

But this is only a “short list” in a recent interview with James Hale I found out a few important facts about Adam B. Daniels claims against him.

  • We found out Kelsey Daniels was NOT raped as claimed by Adam B Daniels, James Hale was Kelsey’s Lover and all sex was consensual.

  • We found out Adam and James Hale has sex rituals which involved “Rape” Scenarios.

  • The Motto of Church of Ahriman (a Persian Rape Demon) was “you can’t rape the willing” which then would condone the actions of James Hale who was Kelsey’s Lover!

But aside from all of this a group of interested parties are now seeking other ways of dealing with Adam B Daniels including erecting a .ORG site to inform those of the acts of these people and their associates, so this posting will serve as the last posting due to the nature of the investigations and allegations which have been moved forward to legal avenues.


Finally I will address a few claims that Adam B. Daniels has made, as many of you know me personally and my associates there is merely lies being propagated by this group and his minions we have erected a site here and will be erecting in the days ahead, to answer all of these false charges.

Many claims have been made and I will answer each here with a $ 5000.00 PROVE ME WRONGOFFER.

  • Adam B Daniels claims I am a sex offender yet can not post a single report, however I can and here is the link CLICK HERE and can offer a link to the Michigan Data Base CLICK HERE

  • Adam B Daniels claims I am involved in Child Pornography, I am not I did find a member of Clergy in the Old Church was and he was quickly removed by Clergy.

  • Adam B Daniels claims many things from me using Rip Off Reports falsely (I used Rip Off Reports) to report many CULT LEADERS but not maliciously like he has.

But I am not mad at any of this I will not answer any claims as I along with three others are seeking legal and civil means to expose this SEX OFFENDER as proven by this record and I offer Adam B Daniels $ 5000.00 in CASH to PROVE me a SEX OFFENDER and actually I offer anyone interested to provide a CERTIFIED COPY.


While much of this was propagated by the Church of Malphas, much of this is now being done by the Adam B Daniels of the Church of Ahriman not the Church of Malphas but we still find they are using multiple accounts to slander both Robert Fraize, his girlfriend, his son and my girlfriend on Face Book I offer to Adam B Daniels the $ 5000.00 CHALLENGE.

Please watch all Face Book Groups and Report them if they are using my name, I will offer rewards to those who help me get them removed as they are slanderous and filled with lies.

Please feel free to email me at MY ONLY CONTACT SOURCE.



Thank You

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik

RESOURCES (coming soon).

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Temples of Satan Communique

Founder Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik:


Recent internet events and drama that coats us all in “ilk.”

In the last few months much has been propagated by people who have been trying to burst into Theistic Satanism and change ideologies and doctrines established long ago.

Some have fed into the tactics of the Atheists and those who are “Reverse Christians.”

I can only assume if you are a Theistic Satanist you are aware what the term means and can see through this large scale attack.

Along the way I with the help of several others have exposed people in Theistic Satanism that have past records of insanity and child sexual abuse, we have exposed over and over again those who are not serious about their path using it to propagate everything from internet hacking to outright fraud.


I and my friends and clergy and membership have stood up for the entire Occult World and have been exposed to accusations, of everything from being a Christian to working for the Federal Bureau of Investigations, to everything in between, but we have stood strong.


Some of you have fed into the lies and deceit propagated by Atheists and those from other forms of Satanism while these people providing “he said she said” hide behind a myriad of screen names, but I personally have grown tired of explaining anything to anyone.


Regardless what people say or dislike, and I have many enemies as well as friends throughout the world I am a Theistic Satanist, I am not an Atheist, I am not a Modern Satanist, I am not a Christian.

I teach ancient rites and rituals in a I. R.S. Compliant Church that has been on-and-off the internet since 2000.

I have met with hundreds of people and held numerous events, while not always liked the Temples of Satan form of Theistic Satanism is not for everyone, and we do not profess to being for everyone, much of what we do is private and unavailable to the general public as it should be.


The problem with all of these people who have came into the realm of Theistic Satanism that they are trying to recreate Modern Satanism in the midst of those of us who believe in a deity and because the door is being slammed on their fingers as they pry into the world of people who have faith in a deity they first cry like children then produce campaigns to smear and claim that people are frauds.


Screen shots can easily be made by Photo Shop and similar programs, people can create false pictures and create damaging content as the economy becomes worse and unemployment soars this landscape can happen to any person or business on the Net.


No one man or woman can speak for any deity in my opinion, we can share experiences and life styles and opinions, but no one group or church has all the answers, people have wisdom and I am fortunate enough to remain still successful at my businesses to produce some very great content which has been shared to world over but these hackers, and people who are campaigning in the direction of general hate have slowed the religion of Theistic Satanism from providing valued content in attempt to redirect Theistic Satanists who are new to the religion to anything from Demon Worship to Self Worship.


While my version or studies may differ from yours, while my opinion may differ I am not end all or nor do I have all the answers there are many of bright people who coming up with opinions and theories others are not in the religion for nothing more than a popularity contest, individuals are often involved in scamming, sexual deviance and abuse of children and those people who I am concerned with.

Recently I have been branded a federal agent, a Christian minister all in an attempt to smear and cover for people who are not typically desired in any religion.

I have been serious since I discovered my faith in Satan and since then I have done everything I could to promote and provide information to those who share my faith, along the way I have made many enemies but I assure you I am not a criminal, I am a normal everyday person who until recent had a girlfriend, who was married I even have a son, I own and operate a legitimate church and have zero criminal convictions.


I am 6-2 and weigh around 268 so I am not some giant fat man, as the critics describe, I neither abuse or stalk anyone, I have never had problems attaining relationships but I as anyone have had bad relationships and because I am a public figure much of what I have done has been public, but I myself chose that and so I live with the hatred.


I owned an escort service, a strip club and managed porn stars along with being a retired sales executive but I have never abused or harmed any woman, some say I have mentally and I can say while I have had some difficult relationships all in all my life has been filed with happiness again not according to the critics.


I am respected in my town, and by members of law enforcement, I reside in small lakefront community in Western Michigan I have several mailing addresses for business and church purposes and hold legitimate documentation to many businesses and venture from a long past of success both in business and Theistic Satanism.


I like many of you came from Modern Satanism and people act as if I abandoned the path or them, I did not and while I do not expect everyone to agree with me I act only as a spokesperson in Theistic Satanism not Modern or any other sect, I found my remainder life path and have never turned back since.

I have been elected by clergy who represent one of the few real efforts in Theistic Satanism and while your sect or organization may not recognize me or my Church we do not care, as we speak openly and educated Theistic Satanists.


We all can never agree, but I respect efforts in Theistic Satanism, as so respected and I see many who stand with me and many who stand against me but I stand with the deity while you may call him someone other than I do I as well as you know we are of the same path and while we may disagree on theory we should never disagree that we are Theistic Satanists, and must not let people corrupt our religion with falsehoods and fraudulent behaviors or sexual predatory behaviors.


I have made money of Theistic Satanism and never held a gun to anyone’s head to donate, nor has anyone ever asked me to return any monies to them, I have reached in my pocket and helped many and I have re-donated many times to other charities, I reported all my donations as personal income and while I have a former business tax debt I am handling that without fear.


But as our ancestors believed we do not need to agree but we need to stand firm with the deity and those who attack priests and institutions of the deity, moving away from these principles will destroy the religion but then again I cannot speak for everyone and I do not know everything I just think this is wise.


I have but a few more months then I am gone, and never to be involved in the fantasy stories that have portrayed me as everything from a rapist to a federal agent, all the “fake screen-names” all the fake screen-shots all the battles I have fought so you the next generation of Theistic Satanists can move forward and I will be ending my Church and stepping into a consulting role to those interested and working with my new ventures including a Church more oriented towards origins of Satan not in line with Judaism but ancient civilizations free of hatred and full of magic and practice.


I will be venturing into the media including a film consultation and more work with my radio venture and a television channel for Hulu in the next phase of my life, I feel resolve as I have accomplised much leading one of the largest off-line churches in Theistic Satanism and establishing some ideologies that still are around and being discussed, I was never a prophet despite the critics portrayal.


Upon my departure I will be leaving you with some very important information and exposing some final citizens that are less than desirable with a wish that someone can now carry the ball further than myself, perhaps that will be Robert Fraize or even James Nicholson who both are stand outs in Theistic Satanism.


While people have been confused by the likes of Dorothy Nixon (known as Diane Vera) I will soon be providing a new avenue for those who discuss Theistic Satanism to venture down an appropriate path not some path that exacerbates a demon from Judaism.

Like I said while people disagree with my historical dialogue I continue to teach and continue to provide some excellence to the religion that I chose after Modern Satanism.


I am done with Allison (Sin) Jones now and her lies and deceit and her many stories that I am neither embarrassed about or angered I am however not finished exposing a few of her henchmen and Igor’s who are yammering around the internet attacking my reputation, but she an Atheist should be considered a person who is attempting to discredit those in Theistic Satanism to push ahead a gentleman named Venger Satanis who has always failed in the religion forum and excelled in the “comic book religion arena.”

It is Venger who has appeared in many pictures attending Church, not me and who has written on Jesus not me, it is Allison (Sin) Jones who has sold Jesus items and Mexican Catholic Idols not me.


I seen this plot early on as I was shadowed and stalked by Allison (Sin) Jones and when she realized she could not have me, or anything I represented in her world of promotion of the Cult of Sea Monsters she attacked me and began a smear campaign that ended here.


I ended this and today while see continues her fantasy island vacation making up one thing after another I survive stronger and more respected than ever, let this serve as the example to others who are in Theistic Satanism do not negotiate do not make alliances, our ancestors never did.

I will never yield to those who do not conceive a deity I will stand up until my last breath and like or dislike my writings I shall prevail, not for ego but for my faith.


I have never desired anything more than teaching Theistic Satanism, I am sorry some of you have told otherwise and convinced I am something I am not I cannot be everywhere in the world to put our every lie or fire, but at the end of the day the deity knows what and who I am.


And furthermore for the complaints I attack leaders well, are they really leaders and many of my campaigns exposed the real from the fake, no I suggest that people quit crying because I exposed you and suggest you have time go back and study and figure out some truths not just coercion and tactics which the deity would not ever feel proud of.

There are no prophets in Theistic Satanism, but there are leaders few if any but many are coming up right now, but I can only judge by own leadership and success, of my past and while there are few benchmarks verses other religions, I remain vigilant.

So you should as a Theistic Satanist remain vigilant against those in the future come force ideologies that don’t fit the norm of Theistic Satanism.


Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik

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