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Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Exposes Church of Ahriman Fraud

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 North to Alaska Church of Malphas Fraud ContinuesReverend


North to Alaska Church of Malphas Fraud Continues



The north winds blow in Alaska and soon Barbara Sobel is going to a little town in the middle of nowhere Alaska, after careful investigation we have found three factors which uncover her lies again.

  1. The company that co-sponsored her event has never heard of Barbara Sobel or the Church of Malphas.

  2. According to her former High Priest and Public Relations director, Barbara Sobel suffers from diagnosed Agoraphobia (a condition in which a person becomes a shut-in.) and spend countless hours engrossed in “Catfish” activities (false profiles), so it is doubtful this woman will visit any event.

  3. The town which she claims is hosting the event is a “sleepy” fishing resort which has a very small population and little or no commerce and has no event centers or meeting centers that are of relative size.

  4. Alaska while a beautiful state is a expensive destination, and requires travel paperwork for entry through Canada which would include a passport, attendance would be sparse due in part to travelers by automobile driving thousands of miles, and rail service customers requiring a passport, but Barbara who has a reputation of creating fake and false profiles, it would be expected that she would create “fake and false” events.

To be honest with you after a mass exodus of her members, most who remain or “newbies” or criminals such as Adam B. Daniels a known convicted rapist, and David DePaul convicted drug dealer and founder of the Brotherhood of Satan, and her “suspected” sex offender Psychic all are as delusional as she is, we have found she is working as a contractor in the Medical Field when final investigations come full circle I am sure I will make a few phone calls to her boss, or contractor manager either way this delusional woman needs to slow down on creating “fake and phoney” claims, and events trying to promote her Church, which again has NO LEGAL paperwork on file with New York, and has even attempted to fake a Trademark.

The list goes on and on, and we as a Occult Community are tired of these “self proclaimed” prophets, Barbara is the “worse of the worse” actually convinced into thinking she is married to a demon by her Psycho Psychic from, Dallas Texas who we will be revealing soon so you can avoid him as well we found some allegations of sexual assault and children chasing by this Psychic who is known in the Psychic Community as a fraud “go figure!”


But then again Barbara has used both Robert Fraize and my own Radio Station TAGS as evidence below to her unending ever fraudulent behaviors

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These tags were taken from the footer on the Church of Malphas BLOG which again proves this person is using identity theft and other fraudulent methods of promoting her false Church of Malphas.



Hail Real Satanists!


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