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Diane and The ONA similarly retarded

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Diane Napolis Challenged By Grand Magister Blackwood

Satanism Exposed

Temples of Satan Support Temples of Set M. Aquino.

Excuse me while you spend countless hours attacking Micheal Aquino and The Temples of Set accusing them in case after case of Satanic Ritual Abuse, one simple question never asked was:

Where did your credentials come from to attack anyone? You are an expert in Satanism? Sure!

Where and what Satanic literature and or doctrines have you read ? The Order of Nine Angles I see, well they have never been more than a bad dream of a few loyalists to an ideology!

Internet Order of Nine Angles people scare you Diane?

Are you attacking from a Atheist viewpoint of a Buddhist, which happens to be spread liberally all over your page.

I am wondering who next and what for?

First off Diana casually knowing the alleged people named in your “silly case” please understand you perhaps have “drifted off” into dreamland to think anyone has fell victim to death at the hands of any Satanist, other than a few Pseudo Self Proclaimed Satanists, other than that get one thing straight Satanist’s at least Real Satanist’s adore children so much that they would attack most people who would harm them.

Satan deplores violence against children and would not dictate to a loyalist to attack a child, that very child could be a soldier someday as Satan returns to power.

You were looking in the wrong direction a few former Church of Satan members and priests have been charged for child abuse, but they are not Satanist’s known by Satan but by themselves as Sinister Atheists, or Pseudo Satanists think they are Satan.

How many days will you spend in court making up scary stories about Satanism and fighting case after case for what?

Perhaps you have nothing to do, or are just another “Internet Crazy” either way leave Mr. Aquino alone once and for all, I am sure glad you have never chosen to attack my organization because, The Temples of Satan practices Real Satanism, and Satan would rain on your parade Diane!

Hail Satan

Grand Magister Blackwood

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