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Books and Papers on Grand Magister Blackwood faked!!

From the Desk of Grand Magister Blackwood
© The Temples of Satan Founder and Leader of Theistic Satanism

In the recent few days people who support the Terrorist David Myatt have been attempting to besmirch my name in Theistic Satanism, and activity I would expect from immature or misguided youth.
With hours of time on their hands to create and provide fake photo’s and even now fake books, and issue we are addressing currently with the self publishing site Lulu.

I would not use the self publishing site for a book, perhaps a E-book but not at this time.
I would like to offer to those who have purchased the hoax or fake books a one hundred percent refund as a statement that they cannot win.

As always people who think things are real especially the Hoax Order of Nine Angle will often refuse to leave their ideologies behind as numerous people have exposed this group as a fraud.

With a founder who converted to Islam, nothing is more laughable to the educated Satanist, but when looking over the people who are involved in spoofing my writings, and creating false books on my accord we find a group of sordid individuals who after investigation and interview is comprised of youth.

Do not believe the deceivers in Satanism, the Order of Nine Angle’s as always its a loose group of people who wish to support terrorism, with a cowardly group of people pushing an agenda filled with falsehoods.
As the Leader of Theistic Satanism I will continue with Satan’s guidance to expose such groups to benefit of the community, as most of us know Satan has no use for Islam, or those supporting such.

Faking books and papers is also something very Christian and has no place in the Occult World.

Hail Satan
Grand Magister Blackwood
© 2010

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