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Temples of Satan Purity By Grand Magister Blackwood


The Temples of Satan

Taking Its Place In Theistic Satanism

By: Grand Magister Blackwood


For years those of us in Satanism, have watched numerous groups sprout up and go away unable to attract others like themselves.

As other groups and people in Satanism criticize me, or what I write about of feel the hurt of exposure, all in all the Temples of Satan expand and prosper in a world filled with negative sediment.

I have incubated and evolved the Temples of Satan into more than an on-line E-group, it is a thriving off-line organization, and despite low participation numbers in off-line meetings we continue to form alliances and network challenges and opportunities for our members to meet others in Satanism.

We look to the future to shape Theistic Satanism, and plan to develop from within with new programs including ordainment and non profit status, along with a new website and new information streamlined for members and interested alike.

At the Temples of Satan one thing stands that differs us from all other organizations that permeate the religion known as Satanism.

We have a “come as you are atmosphere” admitting those who desire to learn and discuss Satanism from the Theistic perspective.

We differ from other groups and organizations and have exposed numerous fakes and cults and will continue to do so all in attempt to purge Satanism of false messiahs and religious zealots a clear commandment that Satan of course would support:

    Over the months and days ahead we expect expansion and with such three things are clear to the Temples of Satan

    A. We are tired of groups in Satanism forcing the ideology that one must know or learn magic in order to become a Satanist.

This is nothing further from the truth, many in the Temples of Satan do practice magic, however for the new to Satanism this can drive them easily off due to the contents of most tomes and books being written by adepts for adepts.

Being a Theistic Satanist does not require the practice of magic, Satan could care less if you can do magic, just be devoted and ready to raise the sword against those who are against him.

    B. There is no secret doctrine, all of what you can find and work with should you choose magic as

    a devotion and or integral part of your path should be defined simply and not contain jargon designed to provide some secret provided by a teacher, or by some Internet based organization.

Satan doesn’t require secret lore and fairy tales, dark ideologies or arcane passages to follow him in his quest for dominance, he requires devotion and with such devotion he provides the student or the adept guidance through his or her realm.

Days are over for those who claim to posses the proverbial “golden chest” and those who send a few dollars or even a few hundred dollars in to feed the ego of some leader he or she will never speak with are waning and soon will disappear, so those in Satanism attempting to mislead Theistic Satanists who have become part of the Temples of Satan beware!

C. Purity in Theistic Satanism is the path that is sensible and this Pure Satanism will dominate and destroy others who desire goals and procure leadership, not for Satan but their own ego.

For years those of us who worship Satan have been lied to and pushed around by those who support views and ideologies that require Satanist’s to learn Latin or Enochian, “enough already” Satan speaks all languages and requires simple devotion, to him.

There is nothing complex, no dark doctrines, no demon circles, no copy and paste symbols, just the knowledge that Satan is in your heart, and you the individual, not the organization, not the Universal Life Church ordained leadership is in control of your destiny to fight for Satan and be devoted to his very essence, from today and tomorrow onward side by side your fellow Theistic Satanist’s who are all of like minds and spirits dedicated to Satan, not the wishes, goals and desires of any one leader in Satanism, because those who have came before those living now had no leaders just places to gather, that is what the Temples of Satan is about and will further itself to be.

As I return to calling members I have found that once spoken with and spoken to they share many origins and paths that differ yet remain intertwined into a world that supports only Satan, not the words and dreams and misguiding of mad men and mad women, who pay for Satanic Priesthood and then talk a great game, not this Satanist!

I have met hundreds of people off-line and continue to do so I will continue to as time allows to spread the Word of Satan to those interested and those who disagree will fall under the wheels of those who drive the chariots toward Infernal Life with Satan being a part of their path forever.

I challenge the critics and the lost to come to our home and soon enough our faith in Satan will devour you as Satan devours the planet.

Join us and become part of “Purity in Theistic Satanism”and find yourself walking amongst others who are devoted to Satan, not walking amongst zombies who think anarchy is cool, and acting evil is something Satan could even care about.

D. We are devoted to Satan, simply put and with such devotion we thrive and build something unmatched by those who support an ego, that isn’t about Satan.



Hail Satan.

Hail The Temples of Satan

Grand Magister Blackwood


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