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Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Exposes Church of Ahriman Fraud

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Adam (known Sex Offender) and Kelsey Daniels SLANDER Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik


Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik by Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik ADAM B DANIELS 5000.00 CHALLENGE AND REBUTAL


Commentary to Theistic Satanism by Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik

For almost a year now many of the people of the Occult Community have been plagued including myself by Dastur (a self appointed title since it is earned by being in Zoroastrianism) Adam B. Daniels a known Convicted Rapist (please click on this link to view his Oklahoma Criminal Record and his cult cronies which includes his wife Kelsey (which will be discussed in this article as well) and Jeremy a friend who also plays a integral part in malicious internet attacks and sites which range from attacking my girlfriend and “bashing transvestites” by calling my girlfriend who is a heterosexual female a “tranny” to bashing my deceased mother in a series of lies which included false claims through numerous Face Book Profiles and websites which included and along with attacking other known leaders in Theistic Satanism like Robert Fraize along with attacking his girlfriend and child in malicious photo meme’s all because they themselves were exposed for being a Cult of Sex Offenders something that any religious community should fight against, this is not lies of falsehood.

After founding the Church of Ahriman (a Zoroastrian Rape Demon which failed after only a year or so) they decided to switch gears and attack people via the internet and other methods.


The dysfunctional family located 5974 NW 35th Street, Warr Acres, Oklahoma 73122home of Adam B Daniels (LINK TO SEX OFFENDER report along with a reported drug offender Jeremy Melvin (who was married for a short period of time to a woman who after 3 months left after appalling sex antics and weird rituals ran off) and of course his wife Kelsey Daniels all in all are using the Oklahoma Welfare system to pay for their weird sexual antics, instead of spending time bettering themselves by making their church stronger or GETTING A JOB. But worst yet I and several others exposed a few lies that we find important to the public.

  • Stalking people by visiting them (in the case of the Christian Minister Eric Fraize).

  • Stalking Robert Fraize and his Autistic Child.

  • Creating “false and fake” Rip Off Reports.

  • Creating Stalking Internet Profiles on Face Book and Fake Screen-names.

  • Stalking a lady in Michigan and Stalking a lady in Massachusetts.

  • Creating Videos slandering myself and Robert Fraize and his family.

  • Promoting “Kill Yourself” content on children and adults.

But this is only a “short list” in a recent interview with James Hale I found out a few important facts about Adam B. Daniels claims against him.

  • We found out Kelsey Daniels was NOT raped as claimed by Adam B Daniels, James Hale was Kelsey’s Lover and all sex was consensual.

  • We found out Adam and James Hale has sex rituals which involved “Rape” Scenarios.

  • The Motto of Church of Ahriman (a Persian Rape Demon) was “you can’t rape the willing” which then would condone the actions of James Hale who was Kelsey’s Lover!

But aside from all of this a group of interested parties are now seeking other ways of dealing with Adam B Daniels including erecting a .ORG site to inform those of the acts of these people and their associates, so this posting will serve as the last posting due to the nature of the investigations and allegations which have been moved forward to legal avenues.


Finally I will address a few claims that Adam B. Daniels has made, as many of you know me personally and my associates there is merely lies being propagated by this group and his minions we have erected a site here and will be erecting in the days ahead, to answer all of these false charges.

Many claims have been made and I will answer each here with a $ 5000.00 PROVE ME WRONGOFFER.

  • Adam B Daniels claims I am a sex offender yet can not post a single report, however I can and here is the link CLICK HERE and can offer a link to the Michigan Data Base CLICK HERE

  • Adam B Daniels claims I am involved in Child Pornography, I am not I did find a member of Clergy in the Old Church was and he was quickly removed by Clergy.

  • Adam B Daniels claims many things from me using Rip Off Reports falsely (I used Rip Off Reports) to report many CULT LEADERS but not maliciously like he has.

But I am not mad at any of this I will not answer any claims as I along with three others are seeking legal and civil means to expose this SEX OFFENDER as proven by this record and I offer Adam B Daniels $ 5000.00 in CASH to PROVE me a SEX OFFENDER and actually I offer anyone interested to provide a CERTIFIED COPY.


While much of this was propagated by the Church of Malphas, much of this is now being done by the Adam B Daniels of the Church of Ahriman not the Church of Malphas but we still find they are using multiple accounts to slander both Robert Fraize, his girlfriend, his son and my girlfriend on Face Book I offer to Adam B Daniels the $ 5000.00 CHALLENGE.

Please watch all Face Book Groups and Report them if they are using my name, I will offer rewards to those who help me get them removed as they are slanderous and filled with lies.

Please feel free to email me at MY ONLY CONTACT SOURCE.



Thank You

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik

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