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The Leader of Theistic Satanism Moves Forward

Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik



Well there is none, is anybody really listening?

Once I operated one of the largest off-line and legal churches in Theistic Satanism, and I still own all the legalities of such, I am the first to actually get ordained as a Theistic Satanic Reverend and will retain such credentials, I am the first Theistic Satanist to appear on television in the United States and Europe and I am first to do radio interviews, but most of all I have put my reputation out there as a leader, without failure I have acted in the name of my deity which is Satan, and without waiver represented with class and conviction each and every one who has called Theistic Satanism theirs.


While Dorothy Nixon or Diane Vera started the first web site on Theistic Satanism, I watched her stand by the sidelines and watch as Theistic Satanism flourished in my many off-line meetings, less than six years ago I held weekend meetings in many locations, almost more than the Church of Satan ever did.

I watched Dorothy Nixon (Diane Vera) and found her unable to effectively and historically explain Theistic Satanism and I countered with more historical and accurate explanations despite taking a vow to the elders of Theistic Satanism because of Theistic Satanism, and alienating myself from my teachers because I wanted to teach the right way, but that story is something the critics have failed to ever realize or even talk about.


I spoke publicly and openly about the historical path of Theistic Satanism, and produced more documents and writings than anyone ever, and yet I have never written a book, I may someday but I remain undecided since Occult Books are being written so fast, and failing to sell any kind of numbers as people spend time now in Internet Occult activities, instead of reading and practicing.


For today’s magician who knows historical and archeological evidences, we are moving back underground avoiding people like, The Church of Ahriman and Micheal W. Ford and those others from David De Paul to the Church of Malphas who are concentrating on Internet Commerce and selling the naive their brand of the Occult, we as Theistic Satanists are better than those criminals and their way of placing themselves of the deity instead of acting on behalf of the deity.


As the Leader of Theistic Satanism, a dubious title I was granted by a majority of Theistic Satanists for my efforts both on and off-line in service to Theistic Satanism and of course the deity known as Satan I found myself at the forefront of a decline in the Occult, and I did not want to understand it, as I have been dedicated to Satan my entire life.


I began to engage and combat those misleading people, I took the side of the victims, and soon the criminals like The Church of Ahriman (ran by a convicted rapist and a drug dealer) began to attack me via various forms of Social Networks including Face Book, yet I have remained vigilant and more often than not required no help whatsoever in combating these criminals, so here I have reached my point of finish.


I accomplished my goals, and defended who I could there are so many false profiles and so many false prophets, tasks nowadays are like fighting endless forest fires, case in point The Church of Malphas set up by a woman, who we know has created virtually hundreds of false profiles, reminding me of the movie Catfish and attacking everyone from my now dead Mother to my girlfriend, all in finding themselves exposed as trails kept leading back to the original criminal.

At the very beginning I stated moving forward, and the exclamation that there is nothing, what do I mean?

I have tried to explain many things over the internet, I have written hundreds of posts, all talking about what we are Theistic Satanists can do, what we can study, and where we can go, all went upon deaf ears, I am now going to become a spectator, and only work as a consultant to those who can effectively provide a solid message or system of teaching for Theistic Satanism.


I have projects that I do off-line, I have no desire to fight for a piece of the Face Book pie, I will maintain my Face Book group for a few more months and close it, I will maintain my profile on Face Book, which has thousands of likes (never bought) LIKE MY FACE BOOK PAGE HERE and soon move forwards, I have interviews about Theistic Satanism coming up and of course my successful radio station all matters that are far more pressing than Face Book or fighting for a realm on the Internet, so I will let the criminals now run rampant and hope you as I have stand up for Satan, not yourself and let them have the imaginary kingdom of Face Book.


I leave you all with these problems that need attention, but no longer mine, I am not leaving Social Media just doing it far better.

  1. Face Book Groups are not churches, temples or chapels and while people will shove documentation of legalities in your face, Face Book Groups are not places to practice Real Magic, off-line is always were it is, because The Church of Malphas is a perfect example, but before this cult of fraud came on the Social Network Scene and added without peoples permission hundreds of uninterested people, there were others like the Brotherhood of Satan and even today we have videos and falsehoods spewing out from The Church of Ahriman (convicted criminals) are all in your groups and the swill that hang with them, who ran around the net in other platforms like MySpace victimizing Occultists.

  2. Criminals should not lead anyone, and people who join groups on or off-line should fully investigate the leaders, force them to give their real names, and legal documentation with their real names, and keep their names in case they need to be reported to authorities for criminal actions to protect you and others who come after you.

  3. Be careful New Age Books lead you all over instead of the path, this is part in parcel because the authors of today often are about ego not about the deity and think fame and fortune will come from some misguided Bible, Satan needs no Bible he has one and it is not the Satanic Bible, nor was it written in the last several thousand years.


I am not going away I am going a different direction, not in faith or in Theistic Satanism, I will still lead and honor my commitments to Satan, I am organizing off-line since many of the people who took the religion of Theistic Satanism upon themselves have abandoned the fight, not the religion.

I can fight these criminals with a small army, I needed you and so did the deity but I am sad many of you ignored the criminals and even struck friendships with them, I didn’t I stood against them with a handful of people and I am sorry many of you failed, and many of you also had the criminals ruin your reputations, in the end we did have victory over them as they focused on me, and elevating me by activities that consumed hours of their time attacking me, or answering me back elevating me to their God.


I never wanted such a title I am NOT a Modern Satanist, but aside from all of this internet trolling and fighting, I saw many of the Elders of Theistic Satanism now go off-line as I will as well, there are many avenues I can drive upon and I am not finished helping and have now nothing more to do in the days ahead the sites I have produced will go dark I hope the criminals can do the same, but if not I will then look at the content and modify it to use it to make myself even more well known, and them as well for I will be concentrating on other projects which will allow me to soar and help people for Satan, I have always been in Theistic Satanism for Satan not myself, this shall continue and I will finish my battles, which many of you still misunderstand, I am sorry many do not get it but its over.



Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik


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Diane Vera Failure! Condoning Sexual Perversion !

From the Desk of Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Founder of the Temples of Satan


I stumbled upon this article which was posted on her blog supporting Jake (James) Nicholson and her logic appears as fuzzy as everyone involved in the Sexual Offenders Club named the Temples of Satan of New Aeon.

As a father myself I find this entire quote from Diane Vera (who has no children) disgusting and vile.


QUOTE: (quoted from Diane Vera’s Blog)…..

In a recent soap opera within the Satanist scene, one Satanist has been accused of being a “pedophile.” The grounds? (1) When he was 18 (“almost 19″), he allegedly had a girlfriend who was “13-14″. (This might be technically in violation of age of consent laws, depending on what state you live in, but, morally speaking, a 18-year-old having sex with a “13-14″-year-old is surely NOT the same thing as a 50-year-old having sex.


Obviously the uninformed Diane Vera fell into the “muck” of this Temples of Satan of New Aeon Sex Offender Group tied to Adam Daniels a convicted Sex Offender a statement like that is pure ignorance and acknowledgment of James (Jake) Nicholson who was a member of the Temples of Satan New Aeon Sex Offender Group, activities.

As a fellow Theistic Satanist I deplore the commentary that its fine to molest an underage girl unless the gentlemen is 50?

It is not acceptable for any age where the person committing such an act is 18 as she describes 19, this ignorance shows Diane Vera is “out of touch” but one can expect this from people with no children.


This is statement on her part again is shame on Theistic Satanism and could only be treated as an attempt to cover her friends indiscretion and we see this with all of these people tying themselves together.


The idea of Satanic Panic is false and while people were being hunted down perhaps it was appropriate and often times people with no kids fail to understand why people with children are worried about such people being around but then of course Diane Vera is so out of touch her site has not been updated in years and this is the first time she has crawled in the light of day in months.



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