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Church of Satan Protestants Revisit by Grand Magister Blackwood


Church of Satan Protestants

Satanism Exposed: Revisited by Grand Magister Blackwood Part Two


As always I continue to provide Satanism, the latest in “Internet Fake Satanism.”

Recently I received this email from a loyalist to this silly Internet Group.




Anti-reverend Retson Retap, Necrominister | |

Hoy, my ignorant mendicant,
Oh, you totally got me. I am zapped upon. i am pwned tu the maxxxzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Seriously, Gram Bastard Blackfart000, let me ask; is ENGLISH your native language? If you started out in Chinese or Portuguese , I forgive you. If you’re a native English speaker (as is entirely too possible), you must have squeaked through English with a D-minus. Or are you just mentally challenged, as your dog-spittle licking attitude seems to strongly indicate?
“When was Satan ever Lucifer?” you ask. Uhhh, try section two of your dead butt-master Anton Szandor (Howie Stanton) La Vey’s play-pretend “Satanic Bible.”

He must think I like Anton L aVey, strange theory when I have been an opposing force to Modern Satanism, perhaps calling me out and then trying to give me a English lesson is better.

Then the nerve to tell me I can’t spell perhaps a fourteen year old member wrote this posting to me on my Word Press site

I of course filtered it out as SPAM.

And did anyone catch this guys name, Retson Retap?

I love you Shytanists, Grand Blaster BlackdirtZZZ; you are a natural agent of Astarte’ to weed out the stupid, the hopelessly-damaged and the dangerously inbred (i.e. Republicans and other White Supremists) from the ravening hoards of POTENTIAL Satanic Witches. By the time any unworthy wanna-blessed-be is done with your kind of assfart fucktard “Only MY Satanism is REAL!” would-be Witch Kings, they’re too ruined, mentally and emotionally, to function as any for of human being; much less a Pagan, magic-practicing Satanist-type human being.
Thank you very much, Ms. Gland Gargler B-square, for your excellent volunteer work in slaughtering our livestock afflicted with hoof-and-mouth disease (i.e. La Veyan Satanism=Shytanism=”critters,” the Satanic protestant insult word for you and your degenerate kind.

More of this witch stuff?

From Church of Satan Protestants Exposed, 2008/10/09 at 6:09 PM



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