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Retson Retap Explains It All About Church of Satan Protestants


Church of Satan Protestants Explained Part Three.

Grand Magister Blackwood Exposes Hilarious Satanic Ideologies.

Satanism Exposed


This recent commentary explains the folly of this Pseudo Satanist…

Retson explains in his blog:


    Retson Retap, cover name for satansmissionary6669; meaning- Our Father in Latin, PaterNoster, backwards, as it is spoken in our Protestant Black Mass.

Protestant Black Mass, perhaps you have been watching Micheal Moore entirely far too much!

    51 y.o. Bristol TN/VA native, Disabled American Veteran (U.s. Navy Med. Corps; diabetes 100%), several college degrees, working entirely as priest, sadhu and devotee of the Hindu God Shiva, in His aspect as Satan.

There are few if any references to the connection between Satan and Hindu gods careful examination of history reveals that Satanism was spawned from the Indus Valley near Tigris and Euphrates River Valleys.

Thanks for serving our country, I think did a shell go off to close to you?

    As such, me and mine are bhangi, outcaste or “dog-eaters”, practicing much of the same in ritual and theology as the outcastes of India’s oldest kingdoms.

Oh damn call P.E.T.A. “dog eaters.”

    We also date our religion to 30,000 b.c.e. and the Venus of Willendorf, the Primal Stone Mother represented by Kali Ma or Discordia Nox.

Got a Carbon Dating Machine handy, most religions did not pre-date Sumer, the Neanderthal did have a clay figure of a Goddess, however with limited speech and no evidence of teaching skills and written languages its hard to think this ideology is close in historical fact, for someone who is 51 years old you must have smoked some serious weed.

    We are the Paleolithic hunter-gatherer-shaman faith which has survived 30,000 years in the face of blood-thirsty Monotheism/Mesopaganism and its voracious Cockroach god, the Vampire Zombie Jesus Christ, our sworn enemy, as Lady Maya is enemy to the kind and well-meaning, but entirely too flaccid, Buddhists

Wow this last paragraph shows the craziness, perhaps you should visit your doctor and have you insulin regulated or something or try Prozac!

Vampire Zombies? Happy Halloween, of course watch the U-Tube Videos for this group and you will understand Retson Retard is already wearing his costume early.

Bet it gets hot in that hood?
I always am providing the best in Real Satanism, and I welcome those who are not dressed early for Halloween to see some real people not delusional people at anyone of our many network sites and affiliates.

Hail Satan

Grand Magister Blackwood

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