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Diane Vera Failure! Condoning Sexual Perversion !

From the Desk of Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik Founder of the Temples of Satan


I stumbled upon this article which was posted on her blog supporting Jake (James) Nicholson and her logic appears as fuzzy as everyone involved in the Sexual Offenders Club named the Temples of Satan of New Aeon.

As a father myself I find this entire quote from Diane Vera (who has no children) disgusting and vile.


QUOTE: (quoted from Diane Vera’s Blog)…..

In a recent soap opera within the Satanist scene, one Satanist has been accused of being a “pedophile.” The grounds? (1) When he was 18 (“almost 19″), he allegedly had a girlfriend who was “13-14″. (This might be technically in violation of age of consent laws, depending on what state you live in, but, morally speaking, a 18-year-old having sex with a “13-14″-year-old is surely NOT the same thing as a 50-year-old having sex.


Obviously the uninformed Diane Vera fell into the “muck” of this Temples of Satan of New Aeon Sex Offender Group tied to Adam Daniels a convicted Sex Offender a statement like that is pure ignorance and acknowledgment of James (Jake) Nicholson who was a member of the Temples of Satan New Aeon Sex Offender Group, activities.

As a fellow Theistic Satanist I deplore the commentary that its fine to molest an underage girl unless the gentlemen is 50?

It is not acceptable for any age where the person committing such an act is 18 as she describes 19, this ignorance shows Diane Vera is “out of touch” but one can expect this from people with no children.


This is statement on her part again is shame on Theistic Satanism and could only be treated as an attempt to cover her friends indiscretion and we see this with all of these people tying themselves together.


The idea of Satanic Panic is false and while people were being hunted down perhaps it was appropriate and often times people with no kids fail to understand why people with children are worried about such people being around but then of course Diane Vera is so out of touch her site has not been updated in years and this is the first time she has crawled in the light of day in months.




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