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Grand Magister Blackwood’s Open Letter To Satanism

Grand Magister Blackwood Temples of Satan


It has been a long year and all over the Internet I have been hit hard by those of you who would rather be critical of my personal life, so I have decided to write this letter:

I have spoofed with multiple scree name’s and fake this and that however even in the weakest days the Internet Organization Order of Nine Angles and the Teenage Satanists The WSA or White Star Acceptance, could not hold a candle to the likes of Order of Perdition that was created out of the remains of my old World Wide Order of Satanists.

Now I will address a few things and explain a few things that are rather important to me and why I continue to march forward and my organization continues to grow.

Q. Blackwood’s Temples of Satan Doctrines are weak at best!

A. We did not provide actual doctrines to those who are not in membership with the Temples of Satan, and the doctrines so freely downloaded are merely a snippet of the Temples of Satan materials I have made available to members off-line.

I have provided many clear things but as many of you who have spoke with me on the phone can attest I feel that Satanism Today is far to complex and I refuse to sell people a false bill of goods or a reconstituted La Vey Theory or some theory spun from Faust, and especially provide such poor information in set of concrete doctrines.

Those who have studied the Occult can easily diffuse the fakes and falsehoods of most Occult Doctrines and it is our path as Theistic Satanists to challenge all documents and ideologies.

I think that to worship Satan no doctrines are required the few I have posted are simplistic and designed for the Satanist to explore his or her own path further, not follow some 21rst Century Guru.

Q. Blackwood has made many claims and operates a few Internet groups, but lies often about membership totals!

A. I have as any organization floating membership totals and the critics seem to be wanting to keep score I guess, honestly the real numbers are unknown because other people handle most of the duties other than myself, so updating membership totals in not my position.

Q. Everyone on Occult Forums hates Blackwood.

A. I left the Occult Forums for a reason the reason is I posted in violation of Terms of Service, this happened about one year ago, I have not returned since, and yet people from various groups of teenage Satanists continue to spoof my name there, which is fine however causes a bit of confusion.

I do not I repeat do not post anything in the Occult Forums and have had only my Administrator visit the site to offer a pointblank statement for me since my IP is banned .

Q. 20 years and Blackwood has done very little in Satanism!

A. Yes it has been a twisty and turvy twenty years, but I have had successes and failures but I would not trade any of it, I have lead and fallen victim to my own lusts and desires, and all in all accomplished numerous accolades and garnered friendships from Satanism’s Elite.

My friends and allies go deep and we have all been challenged in positions and opinions by the Trolls of the Net, all taking our lumps well.

I have appeared in a few videos and offered up and had articles published and yet I do not have a book one out there, I have one I have delayed on numerous occasion and will finish in the days ahead.

I look forward to final contributions by several notable Satanists then it will be complete.

I cannot compare some peoples accomplishments but I can say all in all I have remained dedicated and devoted to Satan for many years.

I have accomplished a lot bringing many new people to the religion and bringing into question numerous texts and documents, so comparing someone for writing a book which probably sold very few anyway is purely ludicrous, selling books on Lulu is no medal of honor, a few here and there or even on Cafe Press both place anyone could do and offer up drivel.

I used Lulu once and was semi-successful however I decided that basic doctrines were to be given away simply as spreading the word.

One critic expounded that some guy sold albums not related to Satanism, rap star to Satan go figure!

Satan doesn’t require you to write, sing or even act, he requires your devotion.

Q. Blackwood talks to Satan!

A. Satan has spoken to and with many of the accomplished adepts in Satanism throughout the ages, I don’t question the Master I question the source and time and time again I find myself lost in the visions I receive using mediums and channelers to help with the vision, however one thing is clear they all seem to agree that it is perhaps Satan.

We are all different in belief systems and values but to attack someones opinion is all fair at the game, but to constantly attack the person is rather strange and critics remind me of a political campaign, plenty of negatives, few valid points.

I have decided that in 2009 to work with individuals off-line and in private formats and allow my On-line Administrators full control of all sites and E-groups, allowing me to focus more on Satanism and helping my fellow Satanists.


All in all this opt-ed piece follows up numerous others and offers a final insight, the remainder of information about me and my life is been exposed freely and offered up in truth, and we all come from different paths and have done different things right and wrong and I am not above thanking individuals and people for what they do, and understanding them, but I will not yield to the swords of the weak minded and critical people who permeate Satanism for the sole purpose if being part of something they practice underground.


I have been in many battles and expect more over this opt-ed but I also know that I have touched many of lives and been garnered with friendship, more off-line than on-line, I expect this will truly allow my organization to grow further, but I will of course find myself being flamed and attacked over and over by those who misunderstand my ideals and ideologies, but more-over those who really prefer to be Modern Satanists and remain in the God Role!


We differ and thats great but organizations that promote bad tidings waste time and fill our email boxes with mountains of useless banter, I am done with defense now sword drawn its offense time, and such actions will merit growth and prosperity for those who refuse to help or bring sword to the battles, will of course be swept away under the wheels of Theistic Satanism.



Grand Magister Blackwood


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